6 Most Refreshing Traditional Icy Drinks in Bali


Bali is famous for its exotic nature and cultural tourism. You can find many beautiful white sand beaches or terraced rice fields. You will also easily find many ancient temples in all parts of Bali.

Fresh drink in Bali. via Instagram/igustiayuandinamaharani

This island, however, also has a lot of culinary delights that you must try. You can start by enjoying fresh Balinese drinks that will definitely quench your thirst. Here are some of them.


Daluman. via Instagram/vintage_addict70

Daluman is very similar to dawet in Java and cincau in Bandung. It is grass jelly or leaf jelly which originally came from China. In Indonesia, this delicacy is mostly enjoyed with ice. So is Daluman. This drink is made in a slightly different way compared to cincau and dawet.

The leaves are squeezed until it is foamy and thick and then filtered carefully. Daluman is usually enjoyed with palm sugar syrup and coconut milk.


Loloh cemcem. via Instagram/renanazhao

On Java, this drink is known as jamu. This drink is actually an herbal medicine, created to maintain health or treat ailments. Because of its great benefits and refreshing taste, loloh is widely consumed by many people.

Loloh is usually made from various kinds of Balinese herbs such as cem-cem leaves, betel leaves, dadap leaves, jatropha curcas, cinnamon, palm sugar, and coconut water. This refreshing drink is most delicious when enjoyed with ice.


Tambring. via Instagram/miel.fotograaf

Tambring is a very unique drink. The main ingredients are young coconut shavings mixed with tamarind, egg white, sugar, and pandan leaves. Tambring is usually served with ice cubes. It tastes sweet, savory, sour, and is very refreshing. It is also good for your health.

Es bir

Es Bir. via Instagram/rumahdebara

Es bir literally means ice beer. However, this drink does not contain alcohol at all and all the ingredients are obtained directly from nature. The main ingredients are young coconut and lime. The process of making it is also very simple; young coconut and its water is mixed with lime juice. It tastes very refreshing, especially if enjoyed with ice.

Es kopyor

Es Kopyor. via Instagram/moeslims_kitchen

Es kopyor is made from kopyor coconut type. Kopyor is a very special variant of coconut because its meat remains soft and does not harden even though it is old. Es Kopyor contains a mixture of kopyor coconut, various syrup, gelatin, and ice. It’s certainly very refreshing.

Es Kuwut

Es Kuwut. via Instagram/yuliafoods

Es Kuwut has many similarities with es campur, es teler, es goyobod, and many others. The main ingredient in es kuwut is young coconut. Kuwut in local language does mean coconut. Es kuwut is different from the others because the main ingredients of coconut are mixed with basil seeds, cantaloupe, melon, and lime slices. It tastes very refreshing.

Es Kopyor. via Instagram/munirohrofiatul99

Bali has many refreshing drinks that can quench your thirst. These fresh icy drinks in Bali has many similarities to Java, but they are made with certain Balinese twists.

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