Icy Drinks to Quench your Thirst in Bandung


Bandung is known as a city where many foods and drinks were created and later became hits throughout Indonesia. Bandung, a city that has never stopped improvising, produced many innovations in many fields, including culinary.

Es Goyobod. via Instagram/reni_tere

In Bandung, you can find many refreshing drinks that will quench your thirst. There are delicious traditional and fusion drinks that you can find in this city. Here are some of the fresh drinks that you can enjoy in Bandung.

Es Cincau with red beans

Es Cincau with red beans. via Instagram/my.appetite

Cincau is a jelly made from certain leaves or grasses. This jelly is originally from China but now is very popular in Indonesia. In Bandung, you can enjoy Es Cincau mixed with red beans which gives an authentic and fresh taste. You can enjoy Es Cincau at Rumah Kayu restaurant, located at Jl. Wira No.22, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.


Fresh Yoghurt. via Instagram/ pesonajawabaratku

Bandung is predominantly a mountainous area which is an ideal place for dairy farming. As a result, you can easily fin many dairy products in this area, one of which is yogurt. One of the legendary yoghurt restaurants in Bandung is Cisangkuy yoghurt.

This place provides lots of fresh drinks, mostly made with premium quality yogurt. You can try it yourself by coming to their place on Jl. Cisangkuy No.66, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung.

Es Mambo Lembang

Es Mambo Lembang. via Instagram/ernatjhia

Es Mambo is a traditional ice pop that is quite well-known and exists in almost all parts of Indonesia. In Lembang, you can enjoy this cuisine in a legendary place named Es Mambo and Yoghurt Lembang. There are various flavors that you can enjoy and the price is also very cheap. You can go to their store at JL. Cijeruk, No. 19 A, Lembang, West Bandung Regency.

Es Oyen

Es Oyen. via Instagram/melidoyanmakan

Es Oyen has similarities with teler ice or mixed ice which is easily found throughout Indonesia. Es Oyen is made from avocado, jackfruit, young coconut, melon, cream milk, syrup, gelatin, and pearl sago.

The ingredients are watered with sugar water mixed with syrup and cream milk. You can enjoy Es Oyen at Pak Oyen’s Es Campur stall located on Jalan Karang Tineung No. 3A, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung City.

Es Lilin

Es Lilin. via Instagram/tridevi_batik_kuliner

Like es mambo, es lilin are also traditional crafts in Bandung. It is made by freezing coconut milk, milk, and sugar. Now, es lilin has lots of variants and you can find es lilin with strawberry, lychee, melon, mocha, and many others flavor. You can enjoy ice candles at our Kita-Lilin Ice Shop located on Jl. Kopo Indah I Park, Margahayu Tengah, Margahayu, Bandung.

Es Goyobod

Es Goyobod. via Instagram/tirta_lie

In local language, goyobod means soaking wet. This dish is a variation of es campur, with slightly different ingredients. You can find avocados, kolang kaling, cassava tape, black sticky rice tape, pearl sago, and degan (young coconut) in goyobod ice.

The ingredients are watered with sugar syrup, milk, coconut milk, and of course shaved ice. You can enjoy es goyobod at Goyobod Kliningan, located on Kliningan B 9 Street, RT01 / RW05, Turangga, Lengkong, Turangga, Lengkong, Bandung City.

Es Cendol

Es Cendol. via Instagram/andrihollicc

Es cendol is very similar to dawet which you can find in all regions of Java. The main ingredient of cendol is hunkwe or rice flour cooked to resemble green gelatin. The cendol is then doused with grated ice, liquid brown sugar, and coconut milk. Nowadays, es cendol is also sold accompanied by various kinds of fruit. You can enjoy this drink at Es Cendol Elizabeth, located at No. Inhoftank Street. 64.

Es Oyen. via Instagram/sarah_ari_nugroho

Bandung is a city that is very rich in culinary choices. If you want a fresh drink to quench your thirst, Bandung will overwhelm you with choices.

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