Four Areas with Hot Springs in Garut


Garut, an area located to the southeast of Bandung. Naturally, it is a really interesting place with lovely spots. One of the most popular types of destination is hot springs in Garut. There are at least four places with natural hot springs in Garut.


Enjoying a hot water in a resort in Cipanas. via Instagram/noer_fitri

This area is located at the foot of Mount Guntur, quite close to the city. There is no entrance fee to enter this area, but you need to enjoy the natural hot water in the resorts there. You will have a lot of choices as there are many resorts offering wonderful packages. For example, you can visit resorts like kampong Sumber Alam, Sabda Aalam, Tirta Gangga, Surya Alam, Cipanas Indah, and many more. Some of those resort has wonderful waterparks too.

A park at Cipanas, Garut. via Instagram/gawaigraphy
Enjoying Talaga Bodas. via Instagram/nizaramrullah

For starter, the landscape of Garut has been well-known since centuries ago, even among the Europeans. The Dutch dubbed this area as Mooi Garoet (Beautiful Garut) and Charlie Chaplin came here multiple times. Here are four areas with natural hot springs in Garut.

Kawah Kamojang

The crater. via Instagram/maldivotraveller

This place actually has no hot water pool. You can only rent bathrooms with natural hot water. However, unlike in most other hot springs in Garut, you won’t smell any sulfur from the water. That is quite unusual because this hot spring is also a volcanic one. Kawah Kamojang is located in the middle of Garut and Bandung.

Talaga Bodas

A humble hot water pool. via Instagram/nizaramrullah

This is also a simple place. There are several small pools with natural hot water located next to a crater. It’s an open place, so there is no privacy. You get into the pool together with other people. There are also Pancuran 7 (seven showers) located nearby. Many people come here because they believe the shower has healing features.


One of the waterparks in darajat. via Instagram/darajatpassgarut

This is one of the best-developed tourist areas in Garut. You can find several waterparks in this area. Located some 25 kilometers from the center of the city, Darajat is a highland with many valleys nearby. In many of the parks, the area can be cold and foggy in the morning, making it even more wonderful for soaking in hot water. There are also many rides you can enjoy. This is the best family destinations.

Garut is a great alternative to Bandung. Having similarly wonderful natural traits, you can find several hot springs in this area. There are at least four popular hot spring locations you can find in Garut.

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