The Most Haunted Places in Jakarta, As Seen in the Movies


If you live in Indonesia, you might already know that people here love horror movies so much. There is always a new horror movie released every year, some are good some are meh. Many of those movies use urban legend as the base of their stories, including real locations. There are a lot of haunted places in Jakarta that has been featuring in horror movies.

The old movie about ANcol ghost. via

They range from an underpass tunnel to an abandoned house. Indonesians love their scary stories projected onto the screen. They are even more invested when the movie tells about a thing that exists in real life. That is why there are so many haunted places in Jakarta that have been made into movies. Here are some of them.

Casablanca Tunnel

Terowongan Casablanca. via

The setting is a classic one. This tunnel was built on an old cemetery. The developer even had to relocate a lot of tombs. The following plot is rather predictable; the tunnel is haunted by the soul of people who was buried there. This, in turn, causes a lot of astral sightings. The movie tells a story of a girl being buried alive in Casablanca and return to have her revenge from the other side.

Pondok Indah House

The horror movie about Pondok Indah house. via Instagram/filmhorrorindo

Actually, Pondok Indah is an elite residential area in South Jakarta. There was a family living in a luxurious house being massacred by a group of robbers. The souls of the family stay in the house so that whoever tries to live there will be haunted. Many people have tried, even skeptics from western countries have tried and still couldn’t bear the spiritual disturbance. The last case was that a dried rice seller who never returns after entering the house. The movie mostly follows a similar story.

Hantu Jeruk Purut

The priest and his dog. via Instagram/hantujerukpurutreborn

Jeruk Purut is an old public cemetery. There are a lot of stories coming out of this place, most of them involve a Dutch priest. He’s headless, he brings his own head while walking casually on the path at the cemetery. The other hand holds a lantern. Sometimes people also see a big dog walking alongside him. The movie doesn’t stray away from this plot. If you want to see him, you can come with a group of people, the number should be odd. You then have to walk around the cemetery seven times.

Rumah Kentang

The potato house. via Instagram/platinumcineplex_id

This house, even though haunted, started with a really sad story. There was a catering worker who was boiling a lot of potatoes. She fell asleep and sadly her infant child fell into the cauldron. It is said that you can still even smell boiled potato when you pass in front of the house, even when you are on a vehicle. There are also children crying in the distance. The movie stays true to this plot.

Ancol Bridge

Ancol ghost is really popular. via Instagram/dr.library

This one is a very popular urban legend. They even have made several movies and TV series about it. The plot might be a bit different to the original legend, though. The ghost in Ancol is a beautiful young lady. It is believed that she had been murdered even before the Ancol was developed by the Dutch colonial ruler. Now her soul stays at Ancol forever.

Hantu Jeruk Purut. via

There are a lot of popular haunted places in Jakarta. Even though they are scary, many people still visit them. There are also many movies made about them, especially in the last decade or so.

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