H Island, a Super Exclusive Resort in Kepulauan Seribu


Even though this island has an overly simple name, there is nothing simple or usual on it. H Island is one the most luxurious resort island n Kepulauan Seribu. It is definitely the most exclusive one because not everyone can enjoy the island.

The H Island from above. via Instagram/indrasutantoo

The island becomes so exclusive because it is privately owned by some of the richest people in Jakarta. Those who are lucky enough to get there can enjoy top-notch amenities as well as lovely stay with high privacy. Here is all you need to know about H Island.

Location and how to get there

You come to the island by boat… or yacht. via Instagram/velencia_lim

H Island is located to the southeast of Pari Island. Administratively, it is of course part of Kepulauan Regency, Jakarta. However, geographically, this island is to the north of Tangerang, Banten. The island is roughly 30 kilometers away from any Jakarta port. Obviously, the island is only accessible via the sea. Most of the visitors here come to the island with a private yacht.


The island has several names. via Instagram/indrasutantoo

Originally, the island is called Pulau Tengah. The island was then bought by a businessman names Hengky Setiawan. He then built several luxury villas on the island, originally for himself. He then sold the villas to his colleagues for 11 billion rupiahs each. The maintenance fee is about 11 million rupiahs per month.

That is why only those who have a villa on this island can visit it. The security team will make sure that no outsider can enter. However, the owner can also rent and give access to anyone they choose.

42 Villas

There are 42 Villas on the island. via Instagram/febrydrone

There are a total of 42 villas on this island. With the very limited access, you can be sure that privacy here is well guaranteed. Every villa faces the sea, giving each of them a wonderful view. The island has a team of security and maintenance that will make sure that the villa is always in tiptop condition whenever the owner or their colleagues wants to visit.

Amenities and Facilities

The pier. via Instagram/velencia_lim

If you manage to get access to one of the villas, you will see that the villas are also equipped with modern equipment and amenities as well as a private bathroom. If you happen to have a private yacht, you can also dock it in the designated private pier. The security is guaranteed as everyone who does not show access will be politely told to return. There is also shark conservation near this island.

The villas from above. via Instagram/harie_potter

If you need a super exclusive villa to escape to Kepulauan Seribu, H Island is a perfect choice. You only need to find a villa owner who is willing to rent their villa to you.

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