Goa Cemara Beach and its Magnificent Lighthouse


Yogyakarta has many beautiful beaches with different characteristics. In Bantul Regency, for example, you can find Goa Cemara Beach whose main attraction is not necessarily the beach itself, but various interesting things around it.

Goa Cemara. via Instagram/anthonyleonardhuthagaol

Not that the stretch of sand and sea here is terrible, but there are several other aspects that make this beach special. You can find a cypress forest and a lighthouse in this coastal area. Here are some interesting things about Goa Cemara beach

What’s in the name?

The cave. via Instagram/hushussein

Literally, Goa Cemara means ‘cypress cave’. This name emerged from a fairly extensive cypress forest on this beach. Cypress trees and their twigs form a tunnel that looks like a long and neverending cave. Walking between the pine trees is rather refreshing because you will be protected from the direct heat of the sun.

The living cave. via Instagram/ariefsatria_

This Pine Forest is also one of the favorite photo spots for tourists. Not just in the tunnels between the trees, a few tourists even climbed into the trees to get the best photos. This place is most ideal as a photo location with your friends.

The beach is relatively calm

The Beach. via Instagram/sari_munaningsih

The South Coast of Yogyakarta, in general, is characterized by relatively strong waves. Directly facing the Indian Ocean, the southern coast of Yogyakarta has many beautiful beaches that can not be enjoyed by swimming or diving. Gua Cemara Beach is the same. This beach has a beautiful stretch of black sand but the waves can be strong, although not as extreme as in many other beaches.


Mercusuar Pantai Pandansari. via Instagram/js_portraiture

About 200 meters to the east of Goa Cemara beach, you will find the Kalajivamasti Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1996 and began operating a year later. This tower is 40 meters tall, and you must climb eight levels of rotating stairs to reach the top. At the top of this lighthouse, you can get an unobstructed view of the area, from Cemara Beach and other beaches around it.

Selfie on the top of the lighthouse. via Instagram/habib_be20

You are only required to pay IDR 5,000 up to climb this lighthouse. There can only two people climbing this lighthouse at any given time. Most tourists use the Lighthouse to take selfies or get the best photo angle.


wonderful sunset. via Instagram/dedyharmanto

One of the main attractions of Goa Cemara Beach is the view of the sunset. Here you will be able to see the sunset directly on the Indian Ocean horizon. The beach atmosphere here is quite calm because usually there are not many tourists, especially at Sunset. You can enjoy the beauty of Sunset colors quietly here.

Camping ground

camping at the beach. via Instagram/azisdjhee

If you are a fan of outdoor sports, you can also camp in this beach area. You can choose a place in the cypress forest area near the sea, so you will still be able to get the best view from your tent. Make sure you bring enough supplies and quality tents, especially in the rainy season.

Wonderful photo spot. via Instagram/ridwan_arfani

Goa Cemara Beach is located only 33 km from the city of Yogyakarta. The road to the beach is also quite good and can be reached in less than an hour by private vehicle. The entrance fee is also very cheap, only IDR 5,000 per person. In general, Goa Cemara Beach is a very interesting tourist destination to visit if you are in Yogyakarta.

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