Gili Sunut, a Small Island with a Vanishing Bridge


The name Gili Sunut may not be as popular compared to the other islands around Lombok. People are more familiar with Gili Trawangan in the northwest or Gili Kedis in the southwest of Lombok.

The ‘bridge’ is vanishing with the tide. via Instagram/mskitty888

Gili Sunut is a small island located in the southeast of Lombok Island. This place is extremely unique but there are still not many people who know the charm of this small heaven. Here are some facts about Gili Sunut, a hidden paradise in the Southeast of Lombok.

Small island

Gili Sunut as seen from mainland Lombok. via Instagram/the_wennoz

Gili in the local language means a small island. Gili Sunut is indeed small in size, located off the coast in Sekaroh village, Jerowaru district, East Lombok Regency. The island is characterized by rocky cliffs that you can see from a distance. The island is also surrounded by small hills which can be an attractive viewpoint with stunning sea and beach panoramas.

Relocated residents

The island is now uninhabited. via Instagram/thefemaleadventure

The island was inhabited by 109 families, who then all relocated to mainland Lombok. The location is still very close to Gili Sunut, though. The relocation which took place in 2014 aimed to provide decent housing for the residents of Gili Sunut, most of whom are fishermen. In addition, with the relocation, the Gili Sunut area can be more developed as a tourist spot.

Rich calm waters

Lion fish at Gili Sunut’s waters. via Instagram/eng_supiardi

The waters around Gili Sunut is calm with small waves. This is a great recipe for an ideal location for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. You can find rich marine life around this island. There are colorful coral reefs that become home for various species of fish. In addition, there are smaller islands around Gili Sunut that look as if they float on the sea.

The vanishing bridge

The bridge that submerges during the high tide. via Instagram/irfanghazalii

Gili Sunut began to attract the attention of tourists because of the vanishing bridge phenomenon. When the tide is high, Gili Sunut will be completely separated from the island of Lombok.

But when the water is receding at low tide, there is a white sand stretch that connects Lombok with Gili Sunut. This is what they call as the bridge. You can explore this stretch of white sand to cross or just play enjoy its beauty.

Gili Sunut Savana

Gili Sunut is naturally a grassland. via Instagram/yosiannaliska

In general, Gili Sunut is a hot and arid island overgrown with grass and few trees. In the dry season, the trees in Gili Sunut drop their leaves, creating a very unique landscape. The grassland there can be an ideal photo spot, especially with a blue sea or a beautiful beach as the background. Watching the sunrise on this island can be a very magical experience because of its extraordinary beauty.

Sunut during the dry season. via Instagram/stepenpen

Gili Sunut can definitely be an interesting and unique tourist destination. And since this place has not been visited by many tourists, the photos you take here will look unique, original, and fresh.

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