Gangga, a Waterfall Heaven in North Lombok


Gangga, a district in North Lombok is dotted with many waterfalls. Located on the northwest slope of Rinjani, Gangga naturally has a wonderful natural scenery just like any other area around the volcano. Apart from waterfalls, there are also lush green forest and savannahs.

Tiu Pupus. via Instagram/
Tiu Pupus. via Instagram/fotobytabatabai

Gangga might not be as popular as Senaru or Sembalun but in term of the sheer number of waterfalls, no other district in Lombok can match Gangga. Here are some of the best waterfalls in Gangga, North Lombok.

Tiu Pituq

Tiu Piqtuq. via Instagram/
Tiu Piqtuq. via Instagram/zikrilseptiadi

Tiu Pituq literally means seven natural ponds. Even if the waterfall is not exceptionally spectacular, this place does indeed have seven ponds: Tiu Tinggi, Tiu Tawah, Tiu Ras, Tiu Bunter, Tiu Lisung, Tiu Alat-alat, and Tiu Serungga.

Swimming is definitely on the menu here as the ponds under the waterfalls are usually surrounded by magnificent rock formations. There are also some platforms made by locals, ideal for selfie locations.

Kerta Gangga

Kerta Gangga. via Instagram/
Kerta Gangga. via Instagram/arix_lombok

Located on Genggelang Village, Kertagangga waterfalls are actually three separate waterfalls in a nearby location. The highest waterfall is surrounded by granite cliffs, making it like a small amphitheater. The stream drops into a secluded pond, making it a lovely place to swim. The other waterfalls have stronger currents but shorter drops.

Tiu Pupus

Tiu Pupus. via Instagram/
Tiu Pupus. via Instagram/imam_yahya_ariansyah

Tiu Pupus literally means ‘a waterfall that pour through tree roots’. The stream is quite strong with a 50 meter drop, feeding a quite large pond. The pond is swimmable but you must be careful because the undercurrent can be strong and in some places, the depth reaches 4 meters deep. The access to Tiu Pupus is great and it is reachable by cars, even though you still have to walk several hundred meters to the waterfall.

Tiu Saong and Tiu Frendo

Tiu Frendo. via Instagram/
Tiu Frendo. via Instagram/kilaulombok

Tiu Saong and Tiu Frendo can be accessed from Selelos Village, Gangga. From the village, you have to walk to Tiu Saong via a designated path. The drop in Saong is not too high but the current is strong. The pond is swimmable with natural rocks as its boundary.

Tiu Saong. via Instagram/
Tiu Saong. via Instagram/l0verenee

To reach Tiu Frendo, you still need to walk for another 45 minutes. It’s a leisure walk and you can enjoy the forest trek. Tiu Frendo is a hidden big waterfall, located in a narrow valley. It has quite a deep pond and strong current. The water then flows downward through the snaking valley.

Tiu Frendo. via Instagram/
Tiu Frendo. via Instagram/murdanibeni

Gangga is not big in a tourism map of Lombok, however, this district is an interesting option, especially for those who loves waterfalls. Lombok is indeed not only about wonderful beaches or the majestic Rinjani. Hunting for waterfalls can also be an interesting choice

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