Soar to the Air with an Exhilarating Fly Fish in Tanjung Benoa


Many tourists come to Bali to enjoy its legendary white sandy beaches. In the southern part of Bali, you can find many strips of great beaches that are not only offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but often provide great spots for water sports.

The most popular water sports in Bali is definitely the traditional surfing. In fact, it was surfing that bring Bali’s name to the world stage in tourism. However, today, Bali offers much more than just surfing and you can find almost limitless fun activities on its beaches, including Fly Fish at Tanjung Benoa.

Fly Fish Ride

Fly Fish Ride. via Instagram/twpbalitour

Fly fish is a water sport that resembles the opposite of kitesurfing. Participants take a rubber boat at a certain speed by a speedboat. The boat usually flies 2 or 3 meters above the water level with participants who are comfortably sitting in their seats.

This ride is called fly fish because when it flies, it looks like an actual fly fish. You will be flying for approximately 10 minutes in this ride.

Sitting position

There are sitting choices for fly fish participants. Considering you will be strapped to the rubber boat, you need to be in the most comfortable position during the ride. You can try sitting like on a horseback position or opt for sleeping position.

You will have a sensation as if you are being pulled so fast that you can fly backward. To add a security measure, there are also rope handles for you to hold on during the ride.

Flying Speed

Fly Fish Ride. via Instagram/twpbalitour

The flying speed in the first fly fish ride is mainly affected by the speed of the speed boat that pulls the rubber boat. External factors also affect speed when you are in the air. The direction of the wind and its speed, for example, have a big influence. The safest flying height is between 2 to 3 meters. When flying, you will feel like you are riding a kite that glides in the air.


Fly Fish Ride. via Instagram/tanjungbenoawatersport

You can be assured of the safety of this ride because all guides are trained and experienced to handle all possible situations. These guides will be happy to explain to you every detail of the steps you must take during the ride. All equipment used in this ride is of international standards so that it is not only safe but also comfortable. In each round of ride, you will be able to fly twice.


Fly Fish Ride. via Instagram/tanjungbenoawatersport

There are many agencies that offer fly fish rides at different prices. If you are in Tanjung Benoa, you can book a ticket for one round of fly fish Ride at a price of around 15 dollars.

However, there are agencies that offer this ride as a water recreation package along with other activities such as underwater scooter rides, snorkeling, and others. For a complete package like this, you are usually required to pay a few hundred dollars with much more complete amenities.

Fly Fish Ride. via Instagram/tanjungbenoawatersport

Flying fish Ride can be a fun alternative to other popular water sports in Bali. There are no special skills needed to enjoy this ride. You just sit down and enjoy flying on stunning Balinese beach.

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