Beautiful Flower Gardens You Must Visit in Bali


Bali is a fertile island and its inhabitants traditionally live from the agricultural sector. Almost all parts of Bali will be able to support agricultural businesses.

Selfie at the Marigold Garden. via Instagram/drg_nancyaryasubawa

Apart from the typical paddy rice fields, you will also find many flower gardens on this island. Some of those gardens are planted and cultivated, some are natural plants that only exist in Bali. Here are some flower gardens that you must visit in Bali.

Marigold flower garden

Marigold Garden. via Instagram/caswanassegaf

Located on a place called Gumitir, this flower garden is actually a cultivated one. The marigolds are planted to be harvested and sold for local consumption in Bali. This Marigold flower field is an agricultural area that is already very popular with tourists. Many come to this place to take photos.

The golden flowers. via Instagram/pu3ben

Right before being harvested, this garden will be very beautiful and instagenic. A vast green foliage decorated with yellow flowers creating a wonderful panorama. This place is a favorite destination for couples who want to get romantic photos. There will be no fees to enter this place, but you must be careful not to damage the plants there. This Marigold flower field is located in Belok Village, Petang District, Badung Regency.

Padang Kasna Temukus

Padang Kasna Temukus. via Instagram/nanagunawaan

If you visit eastern Bali, you shouldn’t miss this increasingly popular tourist destination. Temukus village in Karangasem is now becoming popular among tourists because it has a unique flower garden. This village has a stretch of Kasna/Edelweiss which can only grow in certain areas.

The eternal flower. via Instagram/yemi.ap

This plant is white, grows only at certain latitude, and requires a cool climate to grow optimally. The vast expanse of Kasna flowers in the village of Temukus presents a surreal and exotic panorama. The fragrance becomes a bonus for anyone who comes to this place. Needless to say, this flower garden in Temukus is a very instagenic.

Bali Orchid Garden

Beautiful orchids. via Instagram/klaudia_multan

For those of you who love orchids, you should take the time to visit Bali Orchid Garden. This place is a garden that shows the beauty of hundreds of species of orchids. The management claims that they have a collection of 820 types of orchids from all over the world. In addition, there are a selection of other flower plants that are also equally beautiful.

Unique Orchids. via Instagram/baliorchidgarden

Bali Orchid Garden has a shade house building specifically designed to accommodate orchids that need protection from the sun. You can learn about common and rare orchid species here. You can, of course, take beautiful photos with colorful orchid backgrounds.

Candidasa Lotus Lagoon

Candidasa Lotus Lagoon. via Instagram/

This lagoon is one of the icons and the main attraction of Candidasa. The 1,000 square meter lagoon is filled with lotus flowers with pink and fuschia blooming flowers. This place can be accessed for free and is one of the popular stopovers in eastern Bali. From this lagoon, you can reach several other tourist destinations in Candidasa quite easily.

Bali Botanic Garden

Cactus Greenhouse. via Instagram/ifryangela95

This place has an area of ??157 hectares, you can find lots of beautiful gardens. All are managed and treated professionally so that this place becomes one of the mandatory destinations when you visit Bedugul.

Fern garden. via Instagram/sandratremonti

Here, you can find the largest wild orchid garden in Bali, the largest collection of Begonia flowers in the world, a collection of almost a hundred of bamboo species, cactus greenhouses, rose gardens, and many other flower-themed parks.

Among the Edelweiss. via Instagram/gustindra

Bali, with its soil fertility, is an island that has many beautiful flower gardens. Almost all of the flower gardens can provide extraordinary photos. Even though it’s not as well-known as the beaches, flower gardens in Bali are one of the destinations that you must visit.

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