Instagenic in Many Ways, Floating Market Lembang is a Wonderful Family Resort


Inaugurated in 2012, Floating Market Lembang has become a mainstay in Bandung’s tourism. One of the main reason is they never stop innovate and providing a new experience for the visitors. This place constantly adding new attractions to answer to the challenges shown in the tourism world.

Floating Market Lembang. via Instagram/

Today, you can enjoy many rides and attractions in the Floating Market Lembang. From a unique shopping experience to beautiful photo spots, Floating Market Lembang has them all. Here are some attractions you can expect to find in this resort.

Floating Market

Shopping on a floating market. via Instagram/mifta_aldy

You might already guess that this is the initial concept of the whole place. It has its name in it. In this market, the stalls are on the boats floating on a lake. You can buy many snacks here, mostly Bandung specialties. The catch is that the transaction is carried out using a special currency that you can buy at the front office.

Koi Fish Pool

Koi Fish. via Instagram/dyahsuwandi

You can find a pool with hundreds of koi fish. The fish are generally very aware of the visitors and will come close if you go near the pool. They, of course, expect to be fed. This place is a children’s favorite.

Water Bicycle and Boat

You can rent of these. via Instagram/fitriyantinanik

Having bought the snacks from the floating stalls, you probably think it is a good idea to enjoy them on a boat yourself. You’d be right. You can enjoy your snacks while rowing a boat or exploring the lake on a water bicycle. This will be special if you come with your loved one.

Rainbow Garden

The flowers are apparently edible. via Instagram/muthinuriyy

Just as the name suggests, this is a flower garden set up to look like a rainbow. Long colorful rows provide a wonderful photo background for everyone. You can also learn the names of the flowers here just in case you want to have one at home. But mainly, people just come here to take wonderful photos.

Pine Forest

Pine Forest. via Instagram/merry_yansen

Unlike many other resorts in Lembang, Floating Market actually doesn’t have a vast pine forest area. However, with a little pine forest they have, they can create a wonderful atmosphere there. This forest is also a great photo spot for lovers or families.

Mini City

Mini City. via Instagram/icchank_ryu

Kota Mini (Mini City) is a great miniature of a European city. They have functional buildings for firemen, police station, and many more. Even though they are not built in life-size, they are still a wonderful area to explore. You will feel you are actually entering a European city.

Swimming Pool

Indoor swimming pool. via Instagram/fifi.afianti.5

Floating Market has two swimming pools; indoor and outdoor. In these pools, you can enjoy swimming in warm water as the water is from hot springs. Indoor pools are exclusive and more expensive.

Rabbit Park

playing with bunnies. via Instagram/elakrisdiawati

In this park, as you might already have guessed it, you can see and interact with bunnies. The visitors are supposed to walk on a designated path, but children can also play with the rabbits in some parts. You can also feed the rabbits here.

Kyotoku Island

Kyotoku. via Instagram/kyotoku_floatingmarket

Kyotoku Island is Floating market’s attempt to bring a Japanese experience to their visitors. It’s not only just the buildings and the decorations, but you can also rent costumes to wear during your visit here. This is mainly also made for photographic needs.

Miniature Train Park

Miniature train. via Instagram/hafiz_armansyah

This is a very detailed miniature train park. You can clearly see the trains, rails, stations, houses, and even grass and stones. All are detailed miniatures. This is a wonderful place if you love trains.

Mini City. via Instagram/hafiz_armansyah

Floating Market Lembang, located on Jl Grand Hotel No.33E, Lembang, is a wonderful place to visit as there are so many things you can enjoy there. This is particularly an interesting place for children as they can play, learn, and have fun with a lot of things.

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