Six Things You Can Enjoy at Farmhouse Lembang


The Lembang area has long been known as a tourist resort area with cool air and refreshing mountain range. If you visit Lembang, you will get a choice of many interesting tourist attractions. From simple villas to complete and unique resorts.

Enjoying the place with a costume. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

One of the most famous and most visited resorts in Lembang is FarmHouse Lembang. At this integrated resort, you can find various types of attractions. This concept is indeed widely used by various resorts in Lembang such as Lembang Floating Market, Lembang Ranch, and Sausage Houses (Rumah Sosis).

However, Farm House Lembang has its own uniqueness. Here are the attractions that you can find in the Lembang Farmhouse.

European-style housing

European style houses. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

At this resort, you can find many homes that are designed in classical European style. The main purpose, of course, is to make this place more instagenic. Not just a house, you can also rent traditional European costumes to take pictures in front of the house. This will feed your Instagram for a quite long time.

Hobbit House

Hobbit’s house. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

If you are a lover of The Lord of the Rings novel or movies, you might be happy to find the Hobbit house here. With typical round shaped doors, these small houses have beautifully arranged gardens. This hobbit house was also built to meet the photographic needs of the visitors.

The mountainous nature

Picturesque mountainous landscape. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

Lembang is generally located in a cool mountain area, so is the Lembang Farmhouse. Here, you can enjoy a refreshing and healthy air and get away from pollution. This place can be a destination to escape from everyday routine and work. It is no wonder then that many Jakartans visit this place on weekends.

Cute animals

feeding the animals. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

Lembang Farm House does not have a special enclosure for their animals like in a zoo. Therefore animals that are kept here are the tame ones such as horses, rabbits, iguanas, birds, sheep, and others. Children will be free to play with these animals, making Farmhouse an attractive educational destination.

Love Bridge

Love padlocks. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

This bridge mimics concepts like those that you can find overseas. Lembang Farmhouse provides a bridge with a steel fence. Lovers then install a padlock on that fence. According to the myth, installing a padlock on a bridge like this will make the relationship last for eternity. You can see the colorful padlocks with the name of couples on this bridge.

Backyard kitchen

Backyard Kitchen. via Instagram/farmhouselembang

Lembang Farm House is also equipped with an attractive restaurant called the Backyard Kitchen. In this restaurant, you can choose local and European menus. The favorite menu in the Backyard Kitchen is a very tasty steak. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very relaxing, so you can comfortably enjoy your food with your family.

Posing in front of a hobbit’s house. via instagram/farmhouselembang

In addition to all the attractions above, the Lembang Farmhouse is also a great place for special occasions. The management has prepared a special building to hold special events such as weddings, graduation parties, or birthday parties. If you only come to enjoy this place on weekends, you can simply pay a ticket for IDR25,000 per person.

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