Exploring Misool, the Southern Wonder of Raja Ampat


Raja Ampat is an already popular destination that needs no introduction. But just in case you have never heard of this wonderful place, Raja Ampat is a piece of heaven in eastern Indonesia. This regency area is so rich in marine and land biodiversity. Misool is one of the big four islands you can find in this regency.

Swimming with Sharks. via Instagram/sergibxl

And just like the other island, Misool also has many wonders. You can expect dramatic small islands, crystal clear water, rich underwater life, and generally wonderful panorama. You can also find many unique spots on this island. Here is what you need to learn about Misool before deciding to go there.

Location and how to get there

Misool panorama. via Instagram/eastindonesiatrip

The easiest way to reach Misool is via Domine Eduard Osok airport in Sorong. This airport is serving flights from and to big cities like Jakarta, Makassar, and Manado. From Sorong, you continue your trip via boat to Misool, this usually takes 3,5 hours. It is best if you have already book accommodation so that you can at least rest after you arrive in Misool.

Lenmakana Lake

Swimming with the jellyfish. via Instagram/wirawaningrid

In Lilinta, you can find a saltwater lake called Lenmakana that is filled with many small jellyfish. They are stingless so it is safe if you want to swim there. Locals claim that there are five similar lakes like Lenmakana, with many stingless Jellyfish.

However, others are not accessible. There are several rules you must obey to swim here, such as no sunblock, no fin, and no touching the jellyfish.

The Caves

The swimmable waters of Keramat Cave. via Instagram/jajang_dirajanagara

Misool is dominated by karst area and you can find many caves here. Keramat Cave used to be at the center of Misool Kingdom in the past. The cave is pitch dark but you can find a small lake at the end of it. Tengkorak (skull) Cave is where you can find the actual remains of indigenous Misool people. It is believed that those people did live in this cave.

Diving and Snorkeling

You can snorkel and find beauty anywhere. via Instagram/aldyheriwardito

When visiting Raja Ampat, you can pick any water to swim and you will not be disappointed with its marine life. Yeah, Raja Ampat is that wonderful, Misool included. There are many spots you can pick, the most popular ones are at Walep and Yenbuba. Walep, for example, is wonderful for snorkeler with its many colorful fish and great for a diver with its vibrant reef.

The Hills

Love lagoon at Dafalen. via Instagram/sugianto.shu

There are several hills where you can see the wonderful scenery of the sea. In Dafalen, for instance, you can see a wonderful heart-shaped lagoon. During the low tide, the lagoon seems to be isolated from the sea. This lagoon is corralled by tall cliffs, one of them is almost 100 meters tall.

Heart-shaped lagoon. via Instagram/mukhlis.ahya

Misool, just like other parts of Raja Ampat, is a wonderful area to visit. The pristine marine life here is the main attraction, apart from the uniquely shaped rocks and lagoon in the area.

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