Exploring Jayapura, the Black Pearl of Indonesia


Jayapura is the capital of Papua, the easternmost province in Indonesia. This city (and indeed the province) is known to have lots of beautiful places all over it. Most of the natural beauties you find in Papua are usually yet to be touched by improvements, leaving them in pristine conditions.

Jayapura. via Instagram/chrisna_addy

In Jayapura alone, you can find lots of beautiful places. Even though the urban area is not overly huge, Jayapura has a large area with diverse terrain and ecosystem. Here are some of the most enjoyable places you can find in Jayapura, Papua.

Sentani Lake

Sentani Lake. via Instagram/m_art1310

This is a large lake, with a total water area of 9360 hectares. Sentani is surrounded by many green hills that provide great vantage points. In a way, if you manage to hike the best hill, you can enjoy the scenery of this big lake with its natural charms.

Pasir 6 Beach

Pasir 6 Beach. via Instagram/daniel_d_lalopua

 Pasir 6 Beach is a secluded spot located at Jl. Angkasa Raya, Tanjung Ria, North Jayapura. This beach has a crescent-shaped white sand stretch, with soft sand and clear water. The only problem is that it is surrounded by hills and you have to climb down the hill to get there.

Harlem Beach

Harlem Beach. via Instagram/tantraagistya

This beach has a rather long white sand stretch, albeit not too vast. You can relax comfortably in this beach because there are lots of shady trees that will protect you from the sun. The water is clear and clean, the wave is calm and the panorama is wonderful.

Humboldt Bay

Humblodt Bay. via Instagram/iwanvanwilan

Also called Youtefa Bay, the general panorama of this bay is remarkable. You can see the human development of the city can blend well with nature. A big project is taking place here; the Holtekamp Bridge Project.

Base G Beach

Base G Beach. via Instagram/iwanvanwilan

Yet another white sandy beach in Jayapura. This beach has a long white sand beach that faces the Pacific Ocean directly. As with many other beaches here, there are not many facilities you can find here since the beach is almost entirely untouched by any development.

Ifar Hill

The view from the hill. via Instagram/lindymasui

Ifar Hill (Puncak Ifar) is the best vantage point where you can enjoy the beauty of Sentani Lake and its surrounding area. The hilly contour of the land provides a wonderful background for the lake that has several small protruding islands.

Yacoba Beach

Yacoba Beach. via Instagram/adjie_darma

Yacoba is different from other beaches in Jayapura for a simple fact that it has a massive cliff in one of its sides. Soft white sand, clear water, and calm wave make this beach an ideal place to calm your mind. And since this beach is not yet popular, you’ll be able to enjoy this beach in peace.

Emfote Lake

The love lake. via Instagram/hantsutomo

Some people call this the Love Lake because its shape resembles a heart’s. Surrounded by hills and grassland, this place is very instagramable. The best time to visit this love lake is in the afternoon when the sun is about to set. The sunset view here is amazing!

Sentani Lake. via Instagram/nixon_sraun

Jayapura, albeit not a popular tourist destination, is a beautiful city. It has many beautiful spots you can find in almost every direction. The common problem you find here is that access to these places is very limited.