Exploring Bukittinggi, a City Rich in Natural and Cultural Beauty


Bukittinggi is one of the most important cities in the northern part of Sumatra. It has been the case for centuries ago. This city has become one of the centers of Minangkabau culture. Consequently, you can see many historic remnants here.

Jam Gadang, the icon of Bukittinggi. via Instagram/rp.49

Geographically, Bukittinggi is a great place to explore because it is very varied. Mostly known for its Jam Gadang, Bukittinggi also offers much more. Here are great destinations you can visit at Bukittinggi.

Lobang Jepang

Lubang Jepang Cave. via Instagram/_erikaptri

Literally means ‘Japan Hole’ this man-made cave was built during Japan occupation (1942 to 1945). The force labors dug a 50 meters cave for Japanese Military needs. Along this cave, you can find smaller branching alleys. They function as ammunition storage, jail, torture chamber, and secret escape route.

Janjang Koto Gadang

The Great Wall of Bukittinggi. via Instagram/palembayan_agam_minangrancak

It is also called Janjang Seribu, meaning a thousand stair. You can say that this resembles the Great Wall of China a bit. It’s not surprising that many people also dub this path as the great wall of Bukitinggi. Exploring the path on this wall is refreshing since it goes through a lush green area.

Fort De Kock

Fort De Kock. via Instagram/herada.mcroe

As you might have guessed it, this is a fort built by the Dutch colonial government. De Kock is actually a rather small fort and somewhat look modern enough. This two-story ford looks more like a modern house. However, this fort is a quite popular destination, especially during the weekends.

Ngarai Sianok

Ngarai Sianok. via instagram/fhadilla28

Bukittinggi also has a picturesque canyon called Sianok. This canyon snakes among the hills at the outskirt of the city. This canyon is quite straightforward, meaning they are just a simple ancient riverbed flanked by two cliff walls at each side. However, unlike the Grand Canyon in the USA, Sianok is very fertile and it is covered in green trees.

Panorama Park

Wonderful view from Panorama Park. via Instagram/dee2_diana

Panorama Park is located near Jam Gadang. This is actually a lovely park with a lot of big trees and nice paths. However, it is also a great vantage point where you can enjoy the Sianok Canyon and Lobang Jepang. This is a great place to relax as well as enjoying the general view of the landscape.

Lembah Anai Waterfall

The Waterfall. via Instagram/natgeoindonesia

This waterfall is very unique. Not in term of volume or height, but because of its location. Unlike many other waterfalls, Lembah Anai is extremely easy to reach. This waterfall is literally located at the side of the road. You can enjoy it while driving your car through a dramatic bend. This is a great place to rest if you are tired of driving.

A cafe in Ngarai Sianok. via Instagram/rancak_malala

Bukittinggi is a city rich not only in cultural and historic values but also in natural beauties. Visiting this city will never be boring because you can pick many great destinations.

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