Exploring Baubau, the Portal City of Southeast Sulawesi


Baubau (sometimes is also spelled Bau-bau) is a city on the island of Buton, Southeast Sulawesi Province. Baubau has a long history as it was the capital center of Wolio (Buton) Kingdom in the 15th century. The tale of this kingdom was recorded in Negarakertagama, an old Eulogy from the Majapahit Kingdom.

Tirta Rimba Waterfall. via Instagram/giovanni_tendean

Today, Baubau is an important portal city in Southeast Sulawesi, it is the main port of the province, not Kendari which is the capital. Baubau also has many beautiful spots. Here are some wonderful places that you can visit in Baubau City.

Buton Sultanate Palace Fortress

Malige Palace. via Instagram/tjong_celebess

This is a grand palace located at Melai Village, Betoambari District, Baubau. This is a three-story house, entirely on stilts. From a little glance, you can see that this is a traditional house, an old one even though it is taken care very well.

There is no metal nail involved during the construction of this palace. It was used by Sultan La Ode Hamidi as an administration center of his sultanate. Today, it functions as a museum.

Tirta Rimba Waterfall

Tirta Rimba waterfall. via Instagram/rangga_liwang

Tirta Rimba is not a tall waterfall, it’s only 12 meters high. However, it has an interesting parabolic shape. This waterfall is located at Kadolomoko Village, Kokalukuna District which has a cool climate. If you want to enjoy this waterfall at its grandest shape, come during the rainy season because, in the extremely dry season, the stream to this waterfall is dried up too.

Lakasa Cave

Lakasa Cave and its pool. via Instagram/incie_00

This cave is a natural wonder. It goes 58 meters deep to the earth and has a clear pool at the bottom of it. This cave also has an unusual story. In 1999, a man named La Kasa dreamed about the cave and its water under his land. Not long after, he accidentally found the cave while mining some rock. This cave is a popular destination now. It is located at Lipu Village, Betoambari District, Baubau City.

Nirwana Beach

Nirwana Beach. via Instagram/reni.milarni

This is a typical tropical white sandy beach you can find in Indonesia. There is a white sand stretch, calm waters, and generally wonderful view. It is safe to swim and snorkel here as the wave is pretty much nonexistent. The beach is also a great place to enjoy magnificent sunsets.

Nirwana Beach. via Instagram/algi_alfahri

Even though Baubau is administrative a young city (it was inaugurated as a city in 2001), it has lots of wonderful spots to explore. Access to Baubau is also relatively easy, especially if you want to get there on a ship.

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