Exploring Exotic Membalong at the Southwest End of Belitung


Belitung has a lot of wonderful beautiful spots. On the northern part, you can find beautiful beaches such as Tanjung Kelayang. On the land, there are many exotic lakes and landmarks that you can visit. The southern part isn’t as popular, but there is Membalong at the southwestern edge of the island.

Enjoying the Sembalong Beach. via Instagram/millamahardini

Membalong is actually a district that covers the entire southwestern part of Belitung, including several small islands. You can also find some interesting destinations in this district. Here are some of them.

Batu Baginde

The view from the top of Batu Baginde. via Instagram/explorebelitung

The spelling might differs because some call this spot as ‘Batu Baginda’. It is essentially a destination where there are two massive granite boulders. However way you look at it, these boulders just stand out. The best thing is that you can climb them! From the top of this hill, you can see a wonderful lush green landscape all the way to the ocean.

Seliu Island

Marangbuloh Beach. via Instagram/kirayarcapada

There is a small island off the southwest coast of Belitung; Seliu Island. This island has several wonderful pristine beaches. There are Marangbulo, Tanjung Pakok, and Air Kisik beaches. All are white sandy beaches with wonderful panorama of the sea. There is no public transport in Seliu, you have to rent a motorcycle to get around.

Tanjung Genting

Fising at Tanjung Genting. via Instagram/azwarhans

This is a beach located in a rather hidden part of Membalong. Even the road are mostly dirt with some boulders here and there. The access is not easy. However, once you get there, you will probably be the sole tourist. The beach is rocky with lots of granite boulders. The sea is wonderful, with few traditional fishing boats floating. You can also fish here.


The Penyabong Beach. via Instagram/j.os

This is another beautiful granite-filled beach in Belitung. The access is much better than in Tanjung Genting. If you are driving from Tanjung Pandan, you will see lots of exotic fruit garden. The beach is somewhat secluded, with a large white sandy area. The granite formations are not as spectacular as in the northern part of the island but it is still remarkable.

The road to Batu Baginde. via Instagram/yyogapratama

Exploring the southwestern part of Belitung means you are going through several wonderful spots. Membalong, the district that covers most of the area, is filled with many pristine beaches and wonderful rock formations.

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