Best Makassar Dishes to Enjoy with Burasa


Burasa is a rice cake from South Sulawesi. It differs from other rice cakes such as lontong or ketupat because it uses coconut milk instead of just water. That is why burasa is rather savory in itself. There are several great Makassar dishes to enjoy with burasa.

Pallubasa. via Instagram/nanakoot_

Burasa is a bit more complicated to make than lontong or ketupat. The first part is steaming the rice until half-cooked. The second part is cooking it further in coconut milk while also adding salt and bay leaves into the mix. Here are some of the best dishes to enjoy with Burasa.

Coto Makassar

Delicious coto makassar. via Instagram/synthiatjipto

This is the soto variant from Makassar. Traditionally, coto Makassar is buffalo meat and offal stew with broth made from various spices and ground peanuts. Today, most of coto Makassar use beef for the meat because buffalo meat is rather hard to obtain. You can also have it with side dishes like innards. Burasa has always been the perfect complement for coto, especially for those who love savory dishes.


Rib soup called konro. via Instagram/banjarmasinfood

To say it simply, konro is rib soup from Makassar. Most of the time, this dish is made using spareribs. However, you might find some restaurants that serve konro with other parts of the cow. The soup is thick with strong taste thanks to the use of a lot of spices. The most prominent are coriander and keluwak that gives the soup its dark color. Burasa is often cut into bite-size for konro.


Delicious pallubasa. via Instagram/dapurtian

This dish shares a lot of similarities with coto Makassar. They are both using offal and meat of cow r buffalo. Even the cooking process is the same. The distinction lies in the seasoning which resulted in a creamy soup. The creamy taste comes from the addition of sautéed grated coconut. Pallubasa can be enjoyed with steamed rice or burasa.

Nasu Lekku

Delicious nasu lekku with burasa. via Instagram/santiisafitrii

This is a unique curry that uses a lot of galangal. The chicken is cooked like curry, using coconut milk and a lot of spices. However, the most dominant one is still the galangal, usually grated or in small cuts. This dish is very popular during Ramadan or Lebaran. The chicken usually has a strong galangal taste while still really savory from the use of coconut milk. Burasa adds that the flavor of this dish.

Coto makassar with burasa. via Instagram/marannu.resto

There are several Makassar dishes that are somewhat really compatible with burasa. Most dishes to enjoy with burasa are already savory in itself. They are meat-based and rich in spices too.

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