Delicious Dishes from Poso, Central Sulawesi


Poso, a city in Central Sulawesi, used to be known as a conflict area. Back when Religious conflict was rampant in East Indonesia, Poso is one of the most dangerous places. However, during peace time, this city is a great destination to visit. One of the reasons is because there are lots of delicious dishes from Poso.

A bowl of kaledo. via Instagram/dennis_pedrosa20

Just like other places in East Indonesia, they also use a lot of sago in Poso. However, since Poso is also a fertile area, they also have several rice-based foods. Being located on the coast of the Gulf of Tomini, Poso also has few seafood-based dishes. Here are some of the most delicious dishes from Poso.

Nasi Bambu Inuyu

The tasty nasi bambu inuyu. via Instagram/liangogali

This dish can actually be found in almost all areas in Indonesia. Each region has a specific name and recipe. You might know it as lemang, tuir, or nasi jaha. In Poso, it is called nasi bamboo inuyu. Sticky rice and coconut mill are wrapped inside banana leaves and then put inside a bamboo cylinder. After that, the bamboo is grilled until the rice is cooked. It tastes savory and can be really fulfilling.

Ikan Woku Bumbu Kuning

Ikan woku. via Instagram/helen_ranap

Woku is a special cooking technique used by people in Sulawesi. The main ingredient for woku is chili pepper, garlic, shallots, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, pandanus, and basil. This seasoning is somehow applicable to all kinds of meaty dishes, including fish. Ikan Woku Bumbu Kuning means yellow fish soup with woku seasoning. You can use any fish for this, but in Poso, snapper is very popular.


Lovely soup. via instagram/qodrisihotang1

Kaledo is a delicious cow feet soup. Yep, you get an actual cow’s feet in a soup, complete with its bones. You are supposed to enjoy the bone marrow too. That is why sometimes they give you a straw to extract the marrow. The soup itself is quite light but a bit spicy with chili pepper. Usually, you can also enjoy the meat which still clings to the bone. This dish is truly an adventure in itself.


A bowl of dunui. via Instagram/alvhart78

In most of East Indonesia, the process sago to be papeda for everyday consumption. In Poso, however, the name is dunui or dui. In the old days, dui is prepared a bit differently. Unlike in most places where they put Papeda in a bowl, dunui usually has a smaller square shape. They are eaten with yellow fish soup with basil and lemon. It is no less delicious than papeda.

Ikan woku. via Instagram/resto_sukaramai

Poso is a great place to enjoy delicious foods. You can say that in terms of culinary, this city has the best of both the west and eastern part of Indonesia. You can try lots of delicious dishes from Poso while enjoying its beautiful natural destinations.

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