Delicious Traditional Dishes from Jepara


Jepara is a regency in the northern coast of Central Java. Jepara is popular for its wood carvings as well as the birthplace of a national hero; R.A Kartini. However, Jepara also has many wonderful dishes that you can enjoy. As a coastal regency, Jepara is quite rich in seafood dishes. There are a lot of delicious dishes from Jepara

Lontong krubyuk from Jepara. via Instagram/

If you have never been to Jepara, you need to list which places you want to visit and what food you want to enjoy. Here are some of the tastiest dishes from Jepara, a regency in the northern coast of Java.


Tasty singit. via Instagram/alabuntil

Singit is a beef dish. It uses a slow cooking process so that the beef can absorb all the spices and the flavors. The main ingredients for singit are beef, coconut milk. Sweet soy sauce. Chili pepper, shallot, garlic, salt, and sugar. The end result is a sweet, savory, and yet spicy dish. The meat is tender because it is cooked using a slow cooking result.

Pindang Serani

The fresh pindang serani. via Instagram/isnandjauhari

The main Ingredient of the dish is small sea fish (grouper, skipjack, or milkfish). The fish in this dish is cooked into a very refreshing dish, using a light soup. The ingredients for the soup are tomato, starfruit, lemongrass, and turmeric. There are of course other spices like shallot, chili, garlic, at cetera. The refreshing taste of Pindang Serani makes it an ideal lunch dish.

Opor Panggang

Roasting using modern ways. via Instagram/immawasis

This dish only uses free-range chicken as the main ingredient. It is a combination of two cooking processes; opor and roasting. Opor is a kind of curry, usually has a yellow color due to the use of turmeric. So basically this dish is making opor with an extra step of roasting the chicken. The taste is really unique, though. The roasted chicken with opor broth is really delicious.

Lontong Krubyuk

The dish is also popular in Karimunjawa. via Instagram/rendycookies

As you might have guessed, the main ingredient of this dish is lontong (rice cake). Krubyuk in Jepara means a lot of soup. The soup used in this dish is Bakso soup, so it tastes really delicious with a beef stick in it. The common side dish for it is semur chicken (sweet and spicy chicken). Of course, you can add more side dish if you like, lontong krupuk is very versatile in nature.

Pindang Serani. via Instagram/nailaellyana

Jepara, located on the northern coast of Java, has some really interesting dishes. When you get the chance to visit this area, make sure you enjoy the delicious traditional dishes from Jepara.

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