Best Tourist Destinations in Tasikmalaya


Tasikmalaya is a unique city and definitely an important one. This city is the important hub that connects Bandung and Yogyakarta via the Java Southern Road. Tasikmalaya also has many wonderful spots that you can visit. There are many tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya.

Contemplating at Tonjong Canyon Cipatujah. via Instagram/heru_montana

The region has many nicknames, such as ‘Delhi van Java’ or ‘The Pearl of Eastern Priangan. If you want to venture away from big cities, Tasikmalaya can be your perfect getaway. Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya.

Taman Wisata Karang Resik

The lovely Karang Resik Park. via Instagram/cepyavey

Just like many other tourism parks in Indonesia, you can also find many fun activities in Karang Resik. It is indeed one of the most wonderful places in Tasikmalaya. In fact, you can say that Karang Resik is one of the most ideal family destinations there. Located on a 32 hectares land, you can also find many interesting rides and many instagramable spots in this park. The address is at Jl. Dr. Moh. Toha No.331, Sukamanah, Cipedes, Tasikmalaya.

Tonjong Canyon Cipatujah

Enjoying the canyon. via Instagram/heru_montana

This hidden valley is often compared to The Grand Canyon in The USA. Of course, this one is way smaller in size. However, this place is a serene getaway that will calm you. The brownish cliffs at each side are separated by a calm Tonjong River. Depending on the time of the year, the water could look turquoise.

Lemona Lake

Bamboo supension bridge. via instagram/jihanfzh17

This one is actually a rather large man-made pond. In fact, it was built with the initial purpose as a fishpond. However, the owner then built lots of stilt gazebos at the side of the pond as part of the new restaurant. Now, the guests cum customers can explore this unique area freely, either on the deck or via a boat. The most extreme part is the bamboo suspension bridge over the middle of the pond.

Kacapi Hill

A pool at Kacapi Hill. via Instagram/heramoet19

You can find a hill with great panorama in many places all over Indonesia. However, Kacapi Hill is not your usual viewpoint. Instead of a simple platform like in many hills, you can enjoy the wonderful panorama from a swimming pool. You can enjoy swimming in the fresh pool while also feast your eye on the lush green landscape.

Karaha Bodas

the spectacular Karaha Bodas from above. via Instagram/okkychan

From the sky, Karaha Bodas looks like a scar on a green mountain slope. It is indeed an exotic scar to have. Karaha Bodas is technically a crater of a young volcano. In Fact, the heat from the earth scorched the land, creating an opening in the middle of a green forest. In addition, you can smell sulfur here. This place is very Instagramable due to the contrast between the forest and the crater.

Karang Resik Park. via Instagram/karangresik_tamanwisata

Tasikmalaya is not the main tourist destination in West Java. However, this place possesses great potential to be one because it has many wonderful spots. If you only used to pass this area, now you should explore all tourist destinations in Tasikmalaya.

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