The Most Mesmerizing Destinations in Poso


Poso, a city in Central Sulawesi, has a lot of wonderful places to visit. Nestles nicely in the Gulf of Tomini, Poso is also rich in land-based destinations. Apart from wonderful natural beauties, Poso is also rich in historical remnants.

A large stone sculpture. via instagram/sixdegreesoffgrid

Many people remember Poso from the dark days when there was religious conflict in the area. However, in this peacetime, Poso is a great place to visit with many wonderful spots that you can enjoy. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations in Poso, Central Sulawesi.

Padang Napu

Holding hands in Napu. via Instagram/bayurifaldy_

Just as the name suggests, Padang Napu (Napu Meadow) is a vast grassy area. This large savanna is a fun place to explore due to its wonderful panorama. You need to ride a vehicle though because the area is really too large to explore on foot. The views are mesmerizing, to say the least. It is a paradise for photo hunter, including drone photographers.

Tanjung Karang Beach

The cliff at the beach. via Instagram/anastasia_susanti

The beach is actually really close to the city. You only need roughly half an hour to get to the beach from the downtown Poso. This beach has a magnificent cliff beach overridden with green foliage. The panorama, especially if you hop on a boat to the sea, is magnificent. Turquoise water combines seamlessly with the green cliffs and hills on land. There are also some white sandy parts.

Pusentasi Pusat Laut

Having fun at Pusentasi. via instagram/riizkyarifianto

This place is very unique. To grossly summarize, it is giant saltwater well. You will find a huge hole in the rock, unveiling a clear blue saltwater pond. This is a great place to play with water. Indeed, many children jump from the edge of the well to the pond. To get back up, they have to climb via some ropes. Adults are welcome to do the same.

Poso Lake

Spending an evening at Poso Lake. via Instagram/stevaniolgateresia

This lake is probably the most popular destination in Poso. As one of the largest freshwater lake in Indonesia, Poso Lake does look like a mini ocean. The best thing is that it is still in a pristine condition. If you want to do some water sports here, you have to bring your own equipment. However, most people come here just to enjoy the beautiful panorama.

Lore Lindu

Megalithic site at Lore Lindu. via instagram/imranrosadi_imee

The Lore Lindu National Park is very unique. It is not only protecting endemic and rare flora and fauna, but also many megalithic remnants. In term of natural wonders, the park has a lot to offer. However, what really sets this park apart from others is the many prehistoric artifacts scattered in the area. Some are huge and baffles historians to this day.

Playing at Pusentasi. via Instagram/fs_palirante

Poso is a great place to visit as there are many beautiful spots. Make sure to spare your time accordingly because there are many beautiful destinations in Poso that you need to explore. One day wouldn’t be enough to enjoy them all.

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