Refreshing Lake Destinations in Muna Island


Muna Island is one of the biggest islands in Southeast Sulawesi. It lies close next to Buton Island and just a few kilometers away from the mainland Sulawesi. Overall, Muna has almost three thousand square kilometer land area. In short, there are many wonderful destinations in Muna Island.

The lake from above. via Instagram/jelajahsultra

One thing that you can find quite easily in Muna is the lakes. There are many small yet refreshing lakes scattered all over the island. Here are some refreshing lake destinations on Muna Island.

Moko Lake

Floating at Moko. via Instagram/ilhyn_andi

You can find this lake at Oempu Village, Tongkuno District. There are actually three lakes at this site, they all are near each other. The most popular one is, of course, the biggest lake. It has crystal clear blue water, inviting you to splash around and have fun. There is a resident turtle in this lake. His name is Bento and he is very friendly to visitors.

Napabale Lake and Beach

The lake and the beach. via Instagram/ifatharsyad

This one is a unique destination; you will get two for the price of one. There is a saltwater lake near the coast of Napabale. The lake is large enough and you can explore it on a boat. Only a couple hundred meters away, you can visit a rocky beach. At a glance, this beach will remind you a bit of Raja Ampat since you can explore the shallow sea among small rocky green hills.

Motonuno Spring

Relaxing at Motonuno. via Instagram/yayat_555

This small lake is more popular as a spring. It is essentially a pond with bluish water. Supposedly, there is a rather big spring in there somewhere. At the side of this pond, you can find a concrete platform, an ideal place to relax. You can also dip into the refreshing lake if you want to.

Jellyfish Lake in Lohia

Swimming with jellyfish. via Instagram/letsgo_mnctv

There are only a few stingless jellyfish lakes in Indonesia. One of them is in Muna, at Lohia to be exact. Here you can enjoy swimming with the harmless jellyfish. As with at other jellyfish lakes, you must remember to always protect them too. Don’t wear sunblock before swimming and refrain from touching them.

Randano Ghaghe Lake

The footprint lake. via Instagram/anjhulodhe

The term Randano Ghaghe means ‘footprint’. The name stems from the fact that the shape of this lake looks like a giant footprint from above. The water is fresh, though. This lake was discovered only in 2016 when they explore the area. Since then, there hasn’t been much improvement and access to this exotic lake is still quite difficult.

Napabale Lake. via Instagram/yudhomarchkelly

Muna has many wonderful lakes that you can visit. There are simply many of these refreshing lake destinations in Muna. There might be even more wonderful lakes which are yet to be found.

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