Best Refreshing Destinations in Konawe


Konawe is a regency in Southeast Sulawesi. This regency, curiously, consists of two separate blocks of areas in the southeastern part of Sulawesi. Konawe is known for its natural beauty, even though it doesn’t have a long coastal area. However, there are lots of refreshing destinations in Konawe that you can explore.

Having fun at Tuymburano Beach. via Instagram/angkelbay

Lacking a coastal area doesn’t necessarily mean that Konawe is devoid of beautiful water destinations. There are lots of freshwater spots that you can enjoy at this regency. Here are some if the best refreshing destinations in Konawe.

Oheo Waterfall

The lovely Oheo Waterfall. via Instagram/ikhsan_eppe

This waterfall has many tiers. Each tier is marked by a roundish rock with the water flow on top of it. This natural giant stair creates a very refreshing panorama. Moreover, the waterfall eventually drops into a calm pond. This pond is so fresh it looks like it begs you to swim there. The waterfall is surrounded by green forests.

Tumburano Waterfall

The magnificent Tumburano. via Instagram/wandirect

This one is a huge waterfall. Dropping via a large black cliff, Tumburano Waterfall produces an everlasting roar. Due to the strong current and the huge volume of water, swimming in the pond below this waterfall is not recommended. Even so, this place is a massive hunting ground for those who love photography.

Linoimoyo Ponds

A refreshing pond. via Instagram/jelajahsultra

There are actually several ponds in Linoimoyo. Each of them has different characteristic and history. One of them is a pond located near the farming field. This pond looks like the end of a stream. Even though it is small, it has a very clear turquoise water. Swimming here is really refreshing, but only if you are a swimmer. There are several gazebos at the side of the pond.

Moliuano Cave

A cave with a river. via Instagram/jelajahsultra

Just like a rather large karst cave, you can explore this one for quite deep. At the floor of the cave is a clean and clear river flowing downward. Apart from that, there are also many bats living in this cave. Even though it doesn’t welcome many tourists so far, but there is already a contingency plan when the tourists flock this island.

Mosolo River

The clear water of Mosolo. vai instagram/bangbhengky_adventuride

This is a river with very clear water. It is relatively calm and rocky. In some parts, you can even find small ponds where you can splash around for fun. Some ponds are even deep enough for you to fully dive into it. Be careful to pick the pond, especially if you are a non-swimmer.

The Tumburano Waterfall. via Instagram/fauzhan10

There are many wonderful refreshing destinations in Konawe. However, you might have to venture rather deep into the wilderness to enjoy some of those lovely spots.

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