Best Destinations in Banggai Laut, Hidden Gem in Central Sulawesi


Banggai Laut is a regency in Central Sulawesi Province. This is a new regency as it only became a full regency in 2014. This is an archipelagic regency, consists of many small islands located between Peleng Island and Taliabu Island. There are many wonderful tourist destinations in Banggai Laut that you must check out.

Enjoying the waters at banggai. via Instagram/adjihusain

Beautiful white sandy beach and exotic small islands are the norms at this regency. Consequently, most destinations in Banggai Laut are maritime tourism. Here are some of them.

Bongo Beach

The Bongo Beach. via Instagram/rintoyiukatili

Located on Banggai Island, this beach is as wonderful as you might imagine. To clear some confusion, there is a similarly named beach in Lombok, but they are very different. In Banggai, the beach has white sandy stretch and lovely sea view. At the side of the beach, green foliage offers a shade that protects you from the heat of the sun.

Bandang Island

The small Bandang Island. via Instagram/achyuyu

This is a small island next to Banggai Island. This island is uninhabited but quite popular. However, you can only get there by chartering a boat. There are a lot of activities you can do here such as swimming, snorkeling, or diving. Additionally, you can also explore the entire island on foot because the size is not too big. Also, this island is still in pristine condition, no improvements whatsoever.

Bakakang Island

The exotic Bekakang. via Instagram/like_luwuk

This one is another small island located off the northern coast of Banggai Island. There are actually two small islands next to each other. The surface of the island is dominated by green tropical trees. However, white sand stretch connects the island with the sea. The waters here are calm and clear. It is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

Mandel Village

Panoramic village. via Instagram/dst_drone

This picturesque village is located at the southern part of Melilis Island. This village nestles comfortably in a small bay. The surrounding area is just breathtaking. The waters are crystal clear, the beach has soft white sand, and the hills are green with foliage. You can indeed explore the village and beyond, be it on land or set out to the sea.

Pantai Batu Lubang

The unique beach. via Instagram/iamhenryws

Literally means ‘Holey Rock Beach’, you can probably already guess that there is a unique rock formation going on here. There is a rather huge but shallow cave in a hidden beach. It is a lovely place because the beach is completely surrounded by rocks. The waters are clear and calm. There is even a small lagoon there.

The lovely beach at Banggai. via Instagram/rintoyiukatili

Banggai Laut is one of the hidden gems of tourism in Eastern Indonesia. This new regency has a big potential with its many wonderful beaches and exotic islands. So if you get the chance, you should explore tourist destinations in Banggai Laut.

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