Be a Cowboy for a Day at De’Ranch Lembang


Lembang is one of the centers of tourism in Bandung. There are so many resorts and natural wonders that you can find in this area. You can enjoy waterfalls, hot springs, refreshing pine forest to many man-made attractions. Lembang has them all.

De’ranch. via Instagram/berry_bahari23

One of the earliest and most popular resorts in this area is De’Ranch. This is the place where you can learn to ride and take care of horses a la cowboys. But that’s not all as you can also enjoy a lot of things in this family tourist destination. Here are some facts you need to know about De’Ranch Lembang Bandung.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse. via Instagram/rizqitriananda

There are many ways you can learn about a horse here. Joy Ride is for adults who want to ride a full-sized horse like a cowboy. For the little ones, they can try to ride a pony. You can also ride out the horse to get around the area, under the watchful eye of an experienced guide, of course.

wonderful experience. via Instagram/untari13_

For the inexperienced ones, there is an introductory class that provides basic lessons on how to ride the horse. You can even take a course to become a coachman here. This is also the place for you to learn about horse grooming and care. De’Ranch also has a tack shop and riding apparels shop.

Shopping experience

One of the shops. via Instagram/rifawiyo

De’Ranch also has several shops that provide many interesting items. In its factory outlet, you can buy lots of cowboy’s attire such as a vest, hats, jeans, and many more. If you are not interested to look like a cowboy, you can just buy souvenirs and foods. There are sausages, yogurt, milk, milk tofu, and many more.

Pasar Tanaman. via Instagram/deranchlembang

De’Ranch cooperates with locals to set up an ornamental plant market in the area. There are many flower farmers in Lembang area and De’Ranch just provide them with a venue to sell their products to the visitors. You can buy beautiful flowers here.


Milking a cow. via Instagram/adventuremarcia

As implied in the name, you can learn one or two things about ranching in this place. There are some workshops that provide courses to do some skills and crafts. You can learn how to cook and make cookies, learn how to milk a cow, or learn how to take care of the horse.

Location and Ticketing

The ticket is quite cheap but doesn’t cover anything but entrance fee. via Instagram/deranchlembang

De Ranch is located at Jl. Maribaya No.17, Kayuambon, Lembang, West Bandung Regency. This resort is situated in the heart of Lembang tourism area. You will have no problem whatsoever finding this resort as they are pretty straightforward. The ticket to enter De’Ranch costs IDR15,000. However, each ride cost an extra fee, ranging from IDR20,000 to 30,000.

Enjoyinga small game. via Instagram/kenademaro

De’Ranch is a wonderful vacation destination for families. Everyone in the family can have a great time here as the resort provides lots of services.

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