Cubadak, a Perfect Getaway Off the Coast of West Sumatra


Indonesia is heaven for tranquility seeker in small private islands. This country has a lot of small uninhabited islands. From Sumatra in the west to Papua in the east, there are many private island resorts that you can choose. One of the most popular ones is Cubadak Paradiso Village

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Located on an island just off the coast of West Sumatra, this resort offers full serenity for your dream holiday. The area has calm waters and lovely panorama. Of course, the service is top notch. Here is all you need to know about Cubadak Paradiso Village.

Location and how to get there

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The island is just a kilometer or so away from the mainland Sumatra. The resort itself is located on the part of the island that faces the mainland. As a result, it has protected water which means that the water is calm to swim. Getting to this island is rather easy. The closest international airport is at Padang. usually, you will need a two-hour car drive and 15 minutes boat ride away from the airport.

The Bungalows

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You will get a choice of 12 bungalows on this resort, all are located at the beach. The layout of the entire resort is carefully planned so every guest can have great privacy and intimacy. Furthermore, each building was constructed strictly using local woods and thatched roof. moreover, The bathrooms here provide hot and cold water. All cottages also have a veranda facing the sea.


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There are many activities you can choose while on Cubadak Paradiso Village. Snorkeling is a great choice if you want to casually enjoy the underwater life in front of the resort. Then, there is canoeing into the sea for a bit of exploration. If you seriously want to enjoy the marine biota, you can dive there. There are experienced instructors that will lead you.

Rates at Cubadak

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Probably the best thing about this resort is its rates. The cheapest standard occupation is USD120 per person per night. However, during high season, the rate goes up to USD140. Furthermore, this rate includes airport transfers for at least three-night stays, full board, snorkeling equipment, canoes, and boat outing.

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Enjoying a perfect holiday getaway doesn’t mean you have to wander so far away into the sea. There are some wonderful resorts you can pick near big cities. Cubadak Paradiso Village in West Sumatra is one of such wonderful resorts.

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