Exploring the Heart of Bali with Canyon Tubing and Quad Adventure


There are many ways to enjoy the inland natural beauty of Bali. If you happen to be in Ubud, you probably want to visit its legendary rice terraces in Tegallalang, walk at Campuhan Ridge Walk, or visiting the monkey forest. If you are an adventurer, you might want a little bit of a challenge.

The quad bike squad. via Instagram/jayden_samuel

There is another way to explore the beauty of Gianyar. If you come to Bali Quad Discovery Tours (BQDT), you can enjoy the Gianyar’s lush green nature with many wonderful tours. Here are what you can do to enjoy Bali’s inland natural beauty with BQDT.

Canyon Tubing

It might looks easy, but canyon tubing can be rough. via Instagramhappymatty747

You can think tcanyon tubing as a tame version of white water rafting. You will be given a life jacket, helmet, and an inflatable tube raft to float you on a small stream in a very long ravine. You don’t even need to paddle as the current will take you downstream. You just need to enjoy your trip, and if you are lucky, you will meet some macaques and kingfishers. As you go in groups, there will always be a professional guide that will lead you.

Quad Bike

Quad Biking through rice fields. via Instagram/nickewhite

Another way to explore the area is by riding a quad bike. This fully automatic quad bike is easy enough to ride and control, even inexperienced rider can do that. Your adventure on a quad will take you through rice fields, plantations, crossing the jungle, mud tracks, and two villages. If you are not confident with your riding skills, you can ride as a passenger with somebody from your group. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Buggy Car

Buggy car. via Instagram/krisjianabah

In a way, Buggy Car is similar to Quad Bike. It will get you through different challenging terrains like jungle, mud tracks, plantations, rice field, and villages. In fact, Buggy Car and Quad Bikes can be combined together in one tour because their trek is similar. The management is using Polaris Razor which is claimed to be the number one off-road vehicle in the USA.

Monkey Bike

These cute bikes. via Instagram/mank_febri

Monkey Bike is a small engine motorcycle with classic design. You can ride this bike to explore the surrounding area. The trek and the route are definitely easier than Quad Bike of Buggy Car. This Monkey Bike is intended for relaxing ride instead of an adventurous one.


Goes through a forest. via Instagram/ayunmaniam

Bali Quad Discovery Tours is located at Seming Hamlet, Kerta Village, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency. You can, however, book the service from Denpasar. They will even pick you up from your hotel in South Bali and Ubud. You will also get a hassle free service in term so you can freely enjoy the experience.

Canyon Tubing in Bali. via Instagram/daniellaph

Bali Quad Discovery Tours offers a wonderful adventure in the heart of Bali. The general atmosphere of the area is relaxed with cool mountain air. You can even combine the services provided here for a discounted fee.

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