Discovering Wonders on the Infamous Buru Island


For Indonesians, Buru Island is an infamous place. This island is where the political prisoner was exiled during the New Order era. As a result, Buru has a reputation as a scary place and a prison island. That’s probably true 20 years ago but now Buru has developed well, including the tourism sector.

One corner of Buru. via Instagram/goingepicplaces

Buru has many natural wonders that are not much explored, partly because you need a bit of an effort to get here. Buru is also quite rich in historic tourism. Anyway, these are the best places you can visit on Buru Island.

Kaiely Bay

The gate of a VOC Fort. Instagram/ninagultom

Buru is actually a historic island, one of several important islands in Banda Arc during Dutch colonial era. One of the remnants that you can still see is the VOC fort ruins that you can find in Kaiely Bay area.

Most of the fort is already destroyed but the placate that describe the fort are still there. Kaiely Bay also has a rather large mangrove forest that you can explore. The government already built pathways so you can trek in this forest comfortably.

Rana Lake

Rana Lake. via Instagram/kaki_bajalang_maluku

This lake is located deep into the island, almost in the middle point of the island. Access to this lake is challenging, especially if you want to come with a car. There are two routes you can choose, and it will take about 90 minutes to get there.

However, this lake is as magnificent as it can be. In fact, Rana is the biggest lake in the whole Maluku Province. This lake’s elevation is 700 meters above sea level.

Ratu Beach Waeperang

Ratu Beach. via Instagram/iinmukadar

Ratu (Queen in local language) is a quite long beach. White sand beach stretches for about two kilometers, making it an ideal place to explore on foot. The sand is soft, the water is relatively calm and clear. The best feature of this beach is its sunset view.

Exploring Namlea

A beach in Namlea. via Instagram/ahmadtarochi

Namlea is the capital of Buru Island. This city has a wonderful landscape. This city is flanked with many wonderful spots. This city has a grassland area, hills area, an actual harbor, and recreational beach. Exploring Namlea alone is an interesting option when visiting Buru.

Jikumerasa Beach

Panoramic beach. via Instagram/itammanis.motret

Located about 10 kilometers from Namlea, Jikumerasa is a lovely beach. It has white sand stretch, calm waters, and even generally great land panorama. A white sand stretch forms a cape that goes into the sea. Since the wave is quite tame, this beach is a great place to swim and snorkel.

Jikumerasa Beach. via Instagram/laode_jaya_ramadhan

Today, Buru is no longer a scary island like it was in the past. Buru now is a lovely place that will spoil you with many natural wonders. This island in Maluku is definitely a great option if you want to have an off beaten path vacation.

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