The Instagenic Blue Lake and Sand Dune at Busung, Bintan


Bintan is aggressively developing its tourism sector in the last few years. The main area of development is still in the northern and eastern shore of the island, in Lagoi and Trikora Beaches. However, Bintan is much more than just beautiful white sandy beaches.

The dune and the lake. via Instagram/rudy_lian

Deep in the land of Bintan, there is an unusual place that attracts lots of tourists. There are two attractions in one place; the Busung Sand Dune and the Blue Lake. Both of them are very beautiful but they are actually a byproduct of a bauxite mining industry. Here is what you need to know about the sand dune and Blue Lake in Busung, Bintan.


The sand dune. via Instagram/pamella_safitrii

Bintan Island, in general, is just an hour away from Singapore, either by ferry or by plane. The exact address of both the lake and the sand dune is at Busung, Seri Kuala Lobam District, Bintan Regency, Kepulauan Riau Province. It is just 45 minutes away from Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport and Sri Bintan Pura harbor. The road to the lake is already well developed so you shouldn’t find any trouble getting there.

The Blue Lake

the lake has blue water. via Instagram/icutibrahim

The lake here was formed because the basins created by the mining activity was filled with rainwater. As the mine is abandoned, the water accumulated and became a beautiful blue lake. The color of the water is contrasting the white soil there. As a result, Blue Lake becomes a very beautiful place. Over time, local people add some platforms and simple facilities to accommodate more tourists here.

The Sand Dune

the dune with fake camel. via Instagram/di.explorer

Blue Lake is located in the middle of a sand dune. This pearly white sand dune is very vast, about 3000 hectares in total. Just like the lake, this sand dune is just a byproduct of a mining activity years ago. Exploring this sand dune can be an exciting activity, but remember to bring your own shade because the sun can be scorching hot during midday.

Instagenic spots

There are many beautiful spots. via Instagram/didoticious

Anywhere you go here, you will find a great instagenic spot, really. The area is so uniquely unusual, you will be overwhelmed with choices when you try to find a good photo spot here. You can try some of the photo platforms built by locals or you want to go to a less popular part and find the unique spot yourself.

The dune and the lake. via Instagram/eddy_koshasi

Bintan has lots of beautiful natural attractions. This island is also being developed extensively to be one of the main travel destinations in Indonesia. However, one of the most popular attractions in Bintan is actually a mining activity byproduct; the instagenic Blue Lake and Sand Dune.

Bintan blue lake sand dune