Enjoying the Art of Maestro Blanco at Blanco Renaissance Museum Ubud


The Blanco Renaissance Museum can be considered as an unofficial landmark in the Ubud area. This museum was once the residence of master painter Don Antonio Blanco. When this museum was still the home of the maestro, this place was already very artistic. It looked more of a gallery than a residence.

The facade. via Instagram/blancomuseum

The existence of this museum is proof that even though Balinese people hold their traditional customs very closely, they can also accept new cultures with open arms. Here are some facts about the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Don Antonio Blanco

Don antonio Blanco. via Instagram/blancomuseum

Born with the name Antonio Maria Blanco, this maestro is of Spanish and American descent. He was born in Manila, and then lived and worked in Florida and California. He was then interested in exploring the islands in the Pacific Ocean to find inspiration for his paintings.

Having traveled around Asia, Blanco finally settled in Bali which was able to help him express his artistic potentials. Bali has beautiful scenery, a comfortable environment, and a love of high art.

Blanco House

The hall in second floor. via Instagram/loranskies

After Blanco chose to stay in Bali, he was gifted a land by the King of Ubud at that time; Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati. From the start, Blanco built his house with the intention to realize his dream of having a private museum that displayed all of his works in the future.

Located at the top of a hill, this house has stunning views of Campuhan Valley. With a combined architecture of Balinese and Spanish styles, this house does indeed stand out compared to most other houses nearby which are mostly built in traditional Balinese style.

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Visitors listen to the guide. via Instagram/

When you first come here, you will be greeted with two dragon statues guarding the staircase towards the main door. The facade of the museum is an abstract female statue that covers almost the entire front part of the building.

Upon entering the Museum, you will find a marble hall that looks very luxurious. You can admire the work of Blanco and his son Mario in this hall. This museum only exhibits the work of these two artists.

Museum facilities

Blanco Museum. via Instagram/blancomuseum

This museum provides several facilities to help you enjoy art here. You can watch the studio where Maestro Blanco painted. The museum also has a gift shop, cafe and Blanco family temple.

The cafe here serves European and Asian food with a relaxing Balinese atmosphere. In addition, the spacious garden will spoil your eyes with beautiful green scenery.

Naga statue. via Instagram/blancomuseum

The ticket to enter Blanco Renaissance Museum is IDR50,000 per person. You will get a refreshing welcome drink and access to studios, galleries, and also parks around this museum.

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