Bika Ambon Medan, Confusing yet Wonderful Malay Cake


Bika Ambon Medan is probably one of the most confusing names in Indonesia’s culinary world. To sum it up, it is a Melayu (Malay) cake, created in Medan, and named after the city in Maluku. According to some historian, Bika is an original Malay cake which was then reimagined in Medan by adding palm wine to give its unique spongy textures.

The spongy cake. via Instagram/lina_wijayaa

The cake was initially old in the stalls at Ambon-Sei Kera Street in Medan, thus the name Bika Ambon. The cake became very popular and more people made this delicacy. Many visitors buy this cake as a souvenir, as the cake have a rather long shelf life. Here are the best places to buy the authentic Bika Ambon in Medan.


Zulaikha. via Instagram/titipbeliyukkk

This is the most popular bika ambon producer in Medan. Starting out with a small stall, now this brand has developed a nationwide presence in bika ambon market, with many different tastes. The fact that many people keeps buying from this brand is the testament of its quality. You can visit its main store at Jl. Mojopahit No.70 A-C, Petisah Tengah, Medan Petisah, Medan City.

Rika Bika

Rika Bika. via Instagram/kulinerb3rsama

This is a home-industry level brand of bika ambon. Apart from bika, this place also sells kue lapis and swiss rolls. You can notice that each one of the product you find here is homemade and crafted with love by the cooks. Rika Bika Ambon is located at Jl. Sekip No.32BC, Sekip, Medan Petisah, Medan City.

Nikmat Twin’s

Nikmat Twin’s. via Instagram/almaodessa

This brand’s main store is located at the legendary Ambon Sei Kera Street itself, where the bika got its name. You can’t doubt the authenticity of the taste. If you want to enjoy the traditional bika, then you can go to Nikmat Twin’s. The store is located at Jl. Sei Kera No.119A, Sidodadi, Medan Timur, Medan City.


Ahun. via Instagram/wangjeanie

This is another legendary seller of bika ambon. You can enjoy the soft and tasty cake here. If you come alone, you can even buy half of the box. Located at the center of the city, Ahun is extremely easy to find. As with many bika stalls, you can also buy lapis legit here. Ahun is located at Jl. Letda Sujono No.144, Bantan Timur, Medan Tembung, Medan City.


Bika Ratna. via Instagram/cicibuncits

This is one of the first bika shops in Medan, it is currently managed by the second generation of the owners. If you come to its store, you can try their samples before buying your preferred flavor of bika. Ratna also sells lapis legit which is also very good. The store is located at Jl. Mojopahit No.11 D, Petisah Tengah, Medan Petisah, Medan City.

Bika Ambon. via Instagram/fen.z

A box of bika ambon usually cost somewhere from IDR60,000 to 80,000. This cake is wonderful whether you eat it at the store or you bring it home for yourself or as a souvenir.

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