Exploring Best Spots in Yapen Islands


As you might expect, most of the best spots in Yapen Islands are on the shore. There are also some small islands. Here are some of the best spots in Yapen Islands that you need to visit.

Sarawandori Bay. via Instagram/jirihruska.cz

Yapen Islands is a regency in Papua Province. This regency is entirely located within the Cenderawasih Bay. This area is known for its rich natural beauties. The bay itself is the home of a lot of whale sharks. You can also enjoy several best spots in Yapen Islands Regency.

Aiwai Islands

the beautiful Aiwai Island. via Instagram/rocky_rouw

Aiwai is a small uninhabited island located between Biak and Yapen Island. This island is so small you can get around the island in just mere minutes. However, Aiwai Island also supports a little vegetation as there are several trees in a cluster located on one side of the island. The entire island is covered in soft white sand. The water nearby is calm and swimmable. The clear turquoise water invites you to jump into it and refresh yourself.

Indi Island

A beach in Indi Island. via Instagram/rocky_rouw

Indi is an island located to the north of Yapen. You will most likely find this island in the itinerary of many tours in Yapen Islands or Biak. This island is big enough to support several families on it. You can also find accommodations and basic facilities on this island. The beaches here have white soft sand with calm water. This is a great relaxing spot with a wonderful view all around.

Ambai Islands

A beautiful beach at Ambai. via Instagram/susan_wanggai

Ambai Islands is a chain of small islands located off the south coast of Yapen Island. Among all of the islands here, only two are inhabited. This makes Ambai a really great place to visit. The main attractions of this place are the Cenderawasih Bay panorama and the rich underwater life. This is an ideal diving and snorkeling destination. However, bear in mind that there is no diving equipment rental service in this area. You have to bring it yourself.


Having fun at Sarawandori. via Instagram/mahend_ra_

This spot is basically a very complex bay. Sarawandori bay is only ten kilometers away from downtown Serui, the capital of Yapen Islands. The turquoise waters of the bay penetrate deep into the land, creating a massive network of interconnected placid ‘lakes’ and green hills. There is no professional tourism service in this area bar several simple photo platforms. However, the bay is a great place to explore, especially in the morning.

Beautiful Aiwai Island. via Twitter/Kota Serui

Yapen Islands indeed has great tourism potential. Even though such potential is not yet realized fully, you can still enjoy several best spots in Yapen Islands. Most of them are related to the sea and located on the coast.

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