Belongas Bay, a Hidden Gem in Lombok


Lombok has many ‘hidden gems’ all around the island. It is not that they purposefully hide them from the tourists. They are mostly kept hidden by the infrastructures of lack thereof. But if you manage to get to such gem, all your troubles seem to go away. One of such gems is Belongas Bay.

The hammerhead shark. via Instagram/amazingdive

Located on the southwestern end of Lombok Island, Belongas is to the south of Sekotong whose popularity is skyrocketing these days. The waters at Belongas is calm but the outer one is a bit rougher than in Sekotong. However, the underwater riches are just mesmerizing. Here is what you can enjoy at Belongas Bay.

Mobula Rays

A school of Mobula Rays. via Instagram/mango.lodge

The bay is the habitat of Mobula Rays. This bay is home to hundreds of the rays. They are giant fish who love to travel in groups. So, if you are lucky, you might see a lot of them during your dive there. It is not unusual to see a big school of Mobula Ray in the Lombok waters, including at Belongas. These fish are docile enough so long as you don’t disturb them.

Hammerhead Shark

The strange hammerhead shark. via Instagram/agusgnawan_

Every mention of shark might put off some tourists, thanks to the successful movie franchise. However, sharks are usually pretty chill if you observe them from a safe distance. Hammerhead shark, a creature that is so peculiar, its eyes are on its spoiler-like hammer of a head.  Hammerhead sharks are not too big but they can still be dangerous when triggered.

Relaxing on the beach

Floating and relaxing on the bay. via Instagram/wonderful_location

Now, the beach of Belongas Bay is extremely beautiful. The sand is white and the stretch is long. This is a perfect place to explore on foot just to admire the beauty of the panorama. Additionally, there is a great chance that you would not encounter other tourists on this pristine beach. That means you can relax and enjoy the scenery in tranquility.

Sport Fishing

Great catch. via Instagram/aris_spearfishin_22

Belongas Bay faces directly into the Indian Sea. It is the route of big fish migration. It’s not so surprising then that fishing here can be really great. You might catch giant trevally, red snapper, groupers, and tuna. You have to rent a fishing sip and its captain to take you to the best fishing spot on these waters.

Diving at magnet

Magnet point. via Instagram/irwinunderwater

There is two main diving point, the most popular one is the Magnet. There is a small rock island with a lighthouse tower on it. The waves can be a bit rough on this part, so you need to be very skillful diver if you want to get in there. You also need a great guide to make sure you are diving safely.

Exploring the bay. via Instagram/cungkring

Belongas Bay is rather hard to reach but it definitely worth all of your efforts. There are many ways you can enjoy this hidden gem in the southwestern part of Lombok.

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