Exploring The Beautiful Beaches in South Kalimantan


In terms of tourism, South Kalimantan is popular for its small islands in the Java Sea. There are many wonderful small islands to the south of the mainland that you can explore. However, there are also various beautiful beaches in South Kalimantan, especially in the mainland area.

Asmara Beach. via Instagram/uzie_barzeck

In terms of land area, South Kalimantan is the smallest province on the island. However, it has quite long coastline. That also means there are many beaches in South Kalimantan to explore. Here are some of them.

Angsana Beach

Angsana during golden hours. via Instagram/lumixindonesia

This beach is located at Angsana District, Tanah Bumbu Regency. In the last couple of years, the local government has tried to develop this beach into a great destination. For instance, one of the first development is the dock that will take tourists to enjoy the view onto the sea. This beach has natural white sand with a great view all the way to the horizon.

Asmara Beach

wonderful view during sunstet. via Instagram/uzie_barzeck

You can find this romancing beach at Muara Asam-asam Village, Jorong District, Tanah Laut Regency. Additionally, this beach is roughly 115 kilometers away from Banjarmasin, you’ll need two and a half hours to get there by car. Asmara does mean romance in the local language. However, the name asmara here is an acronym for Asam-asam Muara. This beach is long with golden white sand.

Gedambaan Beach

Banana boat at Gedambaan. via Instagram/fadildels

This beach is also known as Sarang Tiung Beach. Administratively, it is part of Gedambaan Village, North Laut Island, Kota Baru Regency. The beach is a one-kilometer white sand stretch. Furthermore, you can already enjoy quite good facilities here. There are restaurants, cottages, parking lot, freshwater swimming pools, camping ground, and playgrounds.

Takisung Beach

panorama of Takisung Beach. via Instagram/rasyid_alhadziq

This beach is located at Takisung Village, Takisung District, tanah laut regency. This beach is only 22 kilometers away from Pelaihari, the capital of Tanah laut. From Banjarmasin, it is 87 kilometers away. The beach has a large white sand area. This beach also has additional fan facilities such as exploration boat rent and banana boat.

Pagatan Beach

Serene afternoon at Pagatan. via Instagram/suanang_gumbili

This classic beach has everything; large white sand area, coconut trees on the coast, and a great sea panorama. The waters here are calm, making it an ideal spot for swimming. This beach is also the venue for Macceratasi ceremony, a sea festival held every April. This beach can be a great place to unwind with your family as the atmosphere is really relaxing.

A lone boat at Angsana. via Instagram/ibni.achiruddin

There are several wonderful beaches in South Kalimantan that you can visit. Most of them have wonderful white sand stretch. This can be a great starter if you want to take up island hopping in this province.

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