Exploring the Beaches in Nabire, a Paradise at Cenderawasih Bay


Nabire is a city on the ‘neck’ part of Papua Island. People often see Papua Island as a bird due to its shape, and Nabire is nestling on the upper neck of that bird. Located on the southern end of Cenderawasih Bay, Nabire has a long coastal area. As a result, you can find many beaches in Nabire.

The Nabire MAF beach. via Instagram/patriasiahesti

Most of the beaches in Nabire are still in pristine condition. On one hand, you might have difficulties getting to such beaches. On the other hand, the beaches are still untouched and you can enjoy it at its natural condition. Here are some beaches that you can explore in Nabire.

Monalisa Beach

The Monalisa Beach. via Instagram/pacetokikasar

Located in Kampung Air Barotei, Mandidi Samabusa, this beach named after the owner of a very famous resort in this area. Not only a calming big blue ocean, but the beach is also magnificent. There are two walking docks for tourist to walk into the ocean. Finally, the sunset at this beach is simply breathtaking.

Burate Beach

Beautiful sunset. via Instagram/yosinkogoya

For those who want to enjoy the beautiful nature with a quiet and calm atmosphere, Burate beach is the right destination. Generally, there are very few tourists visit Burate. Like the beaches in Papua in general, Burate has sparkling clean and soft white sand. The waters in the coastal area are clear and calm. Visitors usually also swim, snorkel, and dive into the water.

Gedo Beach

The lovely Gedo Beach. via Instagram/nabirepapuaid

Administratively, this beach is in the village of Sanobe, Wahario. It is roughly 10km to the east of Nabire City. Gedo Beach’s charms include crystal clear waters and a wonderful white sand stretch. This beach has been well managed. It can be seen from the many supporting facilities here. You can easily find basic amenities such as bathrooms and toilets, stalls and kiosks, parking areas, playgrounds for children, and also baths.

Ahe Island Beach

The exotic Ahe Island area. via Instagram/denny.praja.wijayanto

This area is simply amazing. Aside from its wonderful beach area, it is also beautiful underwater. The land area includes a 400 square meter of a small island. The beach is beautiful with soft white sand. The underwater world here is so vibrant with various types of coral reefs and marine biota. You will be greeted by the local’s friendly culture once you come here. You can also see the Allies’ aircraft wreckage from World War II.

Nusi Beach

Nusi Beach. via Instagram/inoninex

This beach is situated in Makimi District on the east end of Nabire. Unlike other beaches in Papua, Nusi Beach has black sand. However, it does have its own beauty and charm. In addition to the wonderful panorama here, Nusi Beach also has an amazing underwater life. Those who venture into the water will see various types of coral reefs, seaweed, fish, and other marine biotas.

MAF Beach

The Nabire MAF Beach. via Instagram/pesiwarisacand

It got its name because the beach is located near Nabire Airport or MAF Airport (Mission Aviation Fellowship). In short, this is the first touristy spot that you will encounter after landing. That’s why MAF Beach is always crowded with visitors, both tourists who have just left the airport and the local community. People mostly visit this beach in the afternoon. The reason is simple; the sunset here is really breathtaking, almost similar to Kaimana.

Gedo Beach. via Instagram/mirsyadfatahillah

Nabire is a fun place to explore, especially if you are looking for wonderful coasts. Beaches in Nabire are commonly still in great condition, with little to no improvement. However, that is what makes this place so special. Everything is still in its natural condition.

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