From Dead Cave to Rock Wall, Here Are the Most Unique Beaches in Malang


In term of tourism, Malang is rarely associated with beautiful beaches. Malang and its general area are more popular for the many man-made parks and recreations in Batu City. You can find three Jawa Timur Parks, Museum Angkut, Predator Park, and many more in the cool city of Batu.

Balekambang Beach. via Instagram/octacatic

And yet, on the southern shore of Malang Regency, you can find many beautiful beaches that face the great Indian Ocean. The development of the Southern Ring Road opens the path for travelers to visit the beaches that previously are inaccessible. Here are some of the best beaches in Malang.

Sendang Biru

Boats at Sendang Biru. via Instagram/whiempy

This is a rather legendary beach that becomes the gate to the exotic Sempu Island. Currently, the island is closed for tourists but it was a very popular destination, especially for those who want to camp on a small uninhabited island with an amazing lagoon. Sendang Biru is also a crowded fishermen’s beach.


Colors of Ngliyep. via Instagram/ayutunepi

Located on the western part of southern Malang, Ngliyep is known for its long white sand stretches and the limestone cliffs. This beach is largely untouched by development even though the access is quite easy, even with a car.


Balekambang Beach. via Instagram/hallopri

When you visit this beach, you’d be reminded of Bali. There is a small island just by the beach, connected by a bridge to the mainland. Ismoyo, the name of said island, is home to an old Hindu temple; Pura Luhur Amertha Jati.

Batu Bengkung

Batu Bengkung and its crescent rock walls. via Instagram/yoda_permana

The beach is very unique since it is flanked by two small hills. Batu Bengkung can be loosely translated into a curving rock, describing a unique phenomenon where the beach is ‘protected’ by a massive fence. The wall protects the beach against the waves. Batu Bengkung also has a magnificent sunset view.

Goa Cina

Goa Cina Beach. via Instagram/yuyungabdi

Originally named Rowo Indah, this beach’s name was changed into Goa Cina (China Cave) after locals found a dead person and Chinese scribbling in the cave by the beach. This beach consists of two half crescent white sand stretches, creating an arrow-like shape.

Tiga Warna

Tiga Warna Beach. via Instagram/zoyvig

Literally means three colors, Tiga Warna is a well-protected beach. The management limit the number of visitors that can enjoy this beach each day, meaning you have to make a reservation during high season. Apart from the wonderful gradation of blue to pink on this beach, you can also find vast mangrove conservation nearby.


Banyu Anjlok Beach. via Instagram/freelanceguidemalang

Visiting Lenggoksono means you will also visit at least two other beaches nearby. In fact, Lenggoksono is just a transit place for you to go to Banyu Anjlog Beach where you can see a waterfall that drops next to the ocean. There is also the Bolu-bolu beach where you can snorkel and dive.

Ngliyep Beach. via Instagram/pratamaaggist

Southern Malang is blessed with many beautiful beaches, some are located next to each other, making it a great destination for beach exploration. Each beach somewhat has a ‘quirk’ that makes it unique.

Bale Kambang Malang pantai ngliyep Sendang Biru Tiga Warna