Most Stunning Beach Destinations in Kei Islands


Kei Islands is an archipelago located on the southeast of Maluku. There are several small islands in this area. In fact, the islands are so scattered there is no actual big island there. However, this area has great tourism potential because there are many beach destinations in Kei Islands.

Lovely beach. via Instagram/holdingwind

With so many islands and long coastal area, it is only normal that you can easily find beautiful beaches there. However, due to the transportation difficulties, the choices as of now are a bit limited. Here are some of the most popular beach destinations in Kei Islands.

Ngurbloat Beach

Relaxing at Ngurbloat Beach. via Instagram/mitsnain

This beach is also called Pasir Panjang Beach (Long Sandy Beach). The reason is self-explanatory. There is a really long white sandy stretch on this beach. The classic crescent shape of the beach ensures that you can enjoy the unobstructed panorama to the sea. Exploring this beach can be fun, especially because the sand here is often considered as one of the softest in the world.

Ngur Sarnadan Beach

Really soft sand on this island. via Instagram/herman_set2131

At Ngur Sarnadan, the main selling point is still the beautiful beach. It is very similar to Ngurbloat beach, with a long stretch of beach with a beautiful sea. The main difference is that at Ngur Sarnadan, you can enjoy a spectacular sunset view. People say that the sunset view here is the most beautiful in all Kei Islands area. The dramatic golden sky will make an everlasting impression to whoever witnesses it.


Enjoying the beach. via Instagram/albertusandre_

This is one of the most popular beaches in Kei Islands. The reason is simple; this beach is the easiest to access and there are already accommodations nearby. If you want to spend your night here, you can choose one of the homestays on this beach. Oheidertawun beach is also located near the Luvat cave where you can find prehistoric paintings on the wall.


The unusual Ngurtavur. via Instagram/mitsnain

Perhaps the most exotic of them all in Key Islands is the Ngurtavur beach. This beach might be submerging during the day and only resurface during low tide. It is a long white sand belt, two kilometers long reaching to the sea. When the tide is high, you can only go there on a boat. This disappearing beach is also the resting place of Australian pelican (Pelecanus Conspicillatus) who are migrating to Papua New Guinea.

Enjoying the beach. via Instagram/alvpatty

There are many wonderful beaches in Kei Islands. The only thing limiting you and those exotic and borderline heavenly beach destinations is transportation. The access to some of them are still very limited, but once you get there, the beauty will stun you.

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