Batu Tampih, an Untouched Beach Just to the North of Kuta Bali


Bali is known for its beautiful beaches. The legendary beaches in Kuta, Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, and several other places strengthened Bali’s status as the tropical heaven. However, nearly all the beaches in south Bali are already hugely developed, you might not find a single virgin beach there. That is, unless you don’t count Batu Tampih Beach.

The lone palm tree. via Instagram/mas.kisanak

For some reason, the tourism development at the coast of southern Bali stopped at Tanah Lot. Batu Tampih is mysteriously yet to be developed even though this place is very beautiful with its black sandy beach. Here is what you need to know about Batu Tampih Beach.

Location of Batu Tampih

Walking on the beach. via Instagram/aribagus01

Administratively, Batu Tampih is part of Pangkung Tibah, Kediri, Tabanan Regency. It is located some 10 kilometers to the northwest of the glamour Seminyak, or three kilometers from the mystic Tanah Lot. This beach somewhat becomes a secluded place because Denpasar-Gilimanuk Road seems to avoid it.

This beach is 10 kilometers from Tabanan and Canggu, and there is no big road that leads to this beach. It’s one of the reasons why this beach is still in its natural condition until now.

Undeveloped Beach

The black sand. via Instagram/jungsuryaa

The weird thing is that the beaches near Batu Tampih are relatively well developed. Tanah Lot is one of the main destinations on the area while the nearby Pig Stone and Yeh Gangga Beach are already very well developed. So, it seems like the only thing that stands between Batu Tampih and big development is only access. On the other hand, the lack of development means that you can enjoy this beach in its natural condition.

Surfing Potentials

The waves during sunset. via Instagram/nukna_

The waves here is generally not that big, almost similar to many beaches in south Bali that are so popular among surfers. However, on this beach, it’s only local surfers who try to enjoy the rolls. There is a big chance that it is because there are not many international tourists who ever heard of this beach.

Instagramable Batu Tampih

Beautiful beach. via Instagram/melyantarii

One thing for sure, this beach is a great place to take pictures. Not only that it has beautiful panorama, but also relatively quiet with not many visitors. You can have the best spots for yourself, capturing pictures as much as you like without annoyance. In addition, this beach also has a magnificent sunset view.

Wonderful view. via Instagram/deddy_yasa

Finding an untouched beach in southern Bali is next to impossible if you don’t know where to search. And yet, Batu Tampih is there all along, only a few minutes’ drives away from Canggu.

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