Barat Cave, a Hundred Waterfalls in the West Wind Cave


Karst Area is always a great provider for magnificent caves everywhere in the world. The Kawasan Karst Gombong Selatan (South Gombong Karst Area) is a hilly karst area located to the southwest of Kebumen Regency. This area covers three District; Ayah, Buayan, and Rowokele and has a gem named Goa Barat (Barat Cave).

Exploring Barat Cave. via Instagram/hoods_son

The southern part of central Java and Yogyakarta has lots of unique caves, but none is as impressive as the Barat Cave. This cave is often considered as one of the most wonderful places in Central Java. Here is what you need to know about Barat Cave.

Location and how to get there

The cave. via Instagram/rizki.winday

Administratively, Barat Cave is located at Jatijajar Village, Ayah District, Kebumen Regency. This place is easy to reach because it is not too far away from the Southern Java Ring Road, only five kilometers away. From the main road, the road is very good for any vehicle. Jatijajar is easily reached via good roads, making the entrance of Goa Barat is a very reachable place.

The Name

Exploring the cave. via Instagram/irfanbharata

In Indonesia, Barat means west. This cave has a unique character that is not found in most similar caves. There is a strong western wind blowing deep into the cave. From that fact, locals begins to call it Barat Cave.

In certain time of the year, the wind becomes so strong you can hear it even at the depth of the cave. The upside is that the wind makes the air in this cave fresher.

Waterfalls with Unique Names

the waterfalls. via Instagram/oes.jhun

The most amazing part about Barat Cave is its waterfalls. Some say that there are roughly a hundred waterfalls within this cave. A hundred! However, it is not easy to get to most of the waterfalls because they are hidden deep inside the cave. The most popular, and reachable, waterfall is Superman’s Big Sister Waterfall.

There are lots of waterfalls. via Instagram/

The waterfalls in this cave have the most unusual names. Some of them are Jump Ulysses, Sister Morphine, and Takatsavone. The unusual naming here might be because the initial explorers who mapped this cave were a team that consisted of Indonesian and French.

Caving Tourism

Caving activities. via Instagram/spmoko

Today, Barat Cave is professionally managed by locals. All visitors who want to explore the cave will be accompanied by experienced guides. They will also get safety gears like helmet, shoes, and jacket. For casual tourists, there is a short route of about 300 meters. For those who are serious about their caving experience, there is a chance that you can explore this cave for days without finding its end.

Exploring the cave. via Instagram/endanglestari_98

Barat Cave is a highly interesting place. This cave not only have stalagmite, stalactite, underwater rivers, but also countless waterfalls. This cave provides a challenging adventure for professional carving enthusiasts.

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