Learn Making Earthenware in Banyumulek, Lombok


From your very first step in Banyumulek, you will be able to tell that there is something different about this village. You will notice that there are many earthenwares like pots, vases, or jugs you can clearly see from the road. You are being intrigued and tried to peek more into the details, and that’s how you fall in love with this village.

Banyumulek Pottery. via Instagram/bawak_belimbing

Banyumulek is the center of the traditional pottery industry in Lombok. This village is popular for its beautiful earthenware products, crafted with love by skillful artisans. Here is what you need to know about Banyumelek.


Pots and vases. via Instagram/neirarien

Banyumulek is roughly 14 kilometers away from downtown Mataram. You can easily reach this artistic village in just a few minutes’ drive from the city. Banyumulek is located in the Kediri district, West Lombok Regency. This village has 4.2 hectares area with roughly 10,000 inhabitants, most of them are working in this pottery sector.

Potters for generations

Seasoned artisan. via Instagram/_y_h_a_n_

Most of the craftspeople in this village learn their trade from their parents, just like their parents learned it form their parents. For many of Banyumulek residents, pottery is a family business. You can see that they have been dedicating their lives perfecting their skills. That dedication is reflected in the end result of their work; gorgeous potteries.

Traditional technique

Burning some pottery. via Instagram/tembikart_lombok

All potteries made in this village is created using a traditional technique, with only the best traditional ingredients; high-quality clay and natural dye made from certain fruits and leaves.

All process is done by hand, every detail is carved attentively by the master craftsman. They even use natural sunlight and wood fire to dry their products. Lately, some craftsmen start using synthetic coloring.

Learning pottery

Learn to shape the clay. via Instagram/official_pfohl

You can also learn about pottery, including the process of making them. You will learn that most of the craftsmen here don’t use exact measurement when making their products.

They just use their sense and instinct to create wonderful pottery products. You just have to go along with it. After all, you can use your all creativity when making your own pottery.

Exported products

The products are exported. via Instagram/lombok_holliday

The products of Banyumelek has entered the international market for years. You can find Banyumelek pottery in nearby countries like Malaysia to the United States of America, Spain, and Italy.

That is a testament to the quality of the products here. You can find basically handmade products, made with a traditional technique using only the best ingredients from nearby regions.

Plates with floral pattern and natural fiber. via Instagram/diancyo

Visiting Banyumulek is not just about visiting a tourism village. You will also learn and practice the old ways of making earthenware, learn about the unique culture in this village, as well as bringing home unique and authentic souvenirs.

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