Night at the Bandung Geological Museum, a Fun Educational Tourism


The Bandung Geological Museum is one of the most popular educational tourist destinations in Bandung and often hosts study tours. As the name suggests, this museum has many valuable collections of geological and palaeontological artifacts.

Bandung, West Java / Indonesia - October 21st 2018: The Disosaurus Displays/Exhibits in the Geologi Museum via Shutterstock
Bandung, West Java / Indonesia: The Disosaurus Displays/Exhibits in the Geologi Museum via Shutterstock

This museum has one of the most complete geological collection in Indonesia. The samples they collect not only come from Indonesia, but also from all over the world. Here we present a brief profile of the Bandung Geological Museum.


The entrance of the museum. via Instagram/putrinilna_n

The idea of Geological Museum in Bandung had been floating since the middle of 19th century. At that time, geological researchers from the Dutch colonial government understood the importance of the building to coordinate their researches. The building which eventually became the Geological Museum was inaugurated on May 16, 1929.

Bandung Geological Museum. via Instagram/julyhnd

Initially, the main function of this building was as an office equipped with a laboratory and a place to store the results of a geological survey. This building continues to change functions before finally being designated as a Geological Museum by the Indonesian government.


mastodon fossil. via Instagram/museumtravelogue

Overall, the Geological Museum collection is classified into two criteria; collections that are in a storage collection and exhibited collection. The total number of collections belonging to the Bandung Geology Museum reaches more than 350,000 items and only around 2000 of which are exhibited to the visitors.

Some of the museum’s most valuable items include ancient human fossils from Ngandong, fossils of Sangiran specimens, fossils of an ancient mastodon, and many valuable minerals from around the world.


Wedding decor in the auditorum. via Instagram/ncordecorator

The Bandung Geological Museum is not only about historic ancient objects or mineral rocks. The museum is also equipped with lots of supporting facilities that allow it to become a complete educational tourist destination. There is an auditorium with a capacity of 200 people which is often used as a venue for seminars, film screenings, public lectures, and strangely is also a popular wedding reception venue.

A display hall. via Instagram/irpan.n90

Next, there is an education room with a capacity of 40 people which is usually used as public lectures/classes venue. Visitors can also buy souvenirs at the designated shop. The items they can buy in this souvenir shop are books, geological props, t-shirts, various accessories, and other geological objects.


A child admiring colorful minerals. via Instagram/dhefin_v

The Bandung Geological Museum classifies some of the activities that visitors can do here. As an educational tourist destination, the main function of visiting this place is to study geology, especially for students. Exploration of museum collections is one of the main attractions here. In addition, there is also a 3D museum that allows visitors to learn a series of prehistoric themed geological images in three dimensions.

Giant amethyst. via Instagram/ariscahyanto

Next is Night at the Museum, an activity inspired by a Hollywood film, which now becomes a monthly routine. The visitors are invited to explore the museum at night which is believed to provide a different sensation. You can also learn about the correct fossil excavation method by looking at the way archaeologists do it with a replica here.

A display wall. via Instagram/obsesklik

Bandung Geological Museum entrance ticket is very cheap, only IDR 3,000 for general visitors. This museum does not operate on Fridays or on national holidays. With cheap ticket prices and a downtown location, you have no reason not to visit this museum when you travel to Bandung.

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