Walk on the Depth of the Ocean like Aquaman in Bali


Turns out, exploring Bali on foot doesn’t stop on land, you can do so even at the bottom of the ocean. There are many services that enable you to explore the clear waters of Bali, literally make you walk on the floor of the ocean and interact with wild fish in its natural habitat, just like Aquaman.

Aqua Star Bali. via Instagram/
Aqua Star Bali. via Instagram/adhekesumastiti

There is also a more conservative option like normal diving, explore the ocean with a submarine and many more. You can find them all in Bali, some agencies will even pick you up at your hotel! Here are some of the best underwater adventure you can do in Bali.


Seawalker Bali. via Instagram/
Seawalker Bali. via Instagram/gabriella_raya

Just as the name implies, you will be given a gear to literally walk on the seabed and admire the rich marine life of Bali waters. You will wear a specially designed helmet that enables you to breathe underwater for 30 minutes. You can explore up to 15 feet deep.

The helmet has an especially large visor window so that you can see underwater easily, enable you to interact with the fishes there. You’ll be just like an astronaut, but underwater. You need to have a swimming experience to enjoy this, though. This activity will cost you about IDR650,000.

Odyssey Submarine

Odyssey Submarine Bali. via Instagram/
Odyssey Submarine Bali. via Instagram/odysubbali

The idea behind this Odyssey Submarine is to take visitors to an underwater safari, using a proper submarine. And just like land safari, you will also enjoy wildlife safari here, seeing the rich coral reefs and many other species it supports.

This submarine can carry up to 36 people and safe for any age range, from children to elderly seniors. The submarine is designed with lots of windows so you can see the rich life of East Bali waters easily. This submarine operates in Amuk Bay, Karangasem. Prices start from USD85 for adults.

Aqua Star Bali

Aqua Star Bali. via Instagram/
Aqua Star Bali. via Instagram/komangs07

If you want a faster way to freely explore underwater, you can choose to rent an Aqua Star. It is an underwater scooter for two people. You can easily maneuver this device and it is safe even for children from the age of nine. You can learn how to operate it in just a few minutes.

This is a great way to explore the sea with your loved one. You don’t need to worry as you will be accompanied and monitored closely by a professional guide, should there is something wrong with your scooter. Aqua Star starts from IDR650,000.

Fun Dive

PADI diving course. via Instagram/
PADI diving course. via Instagram/

For those who are more interested in old-school diving, you can also find lots of services here. There are many diving courses, from beginners to expert, provided directly by PADI International (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

By taking the basic course, you will be able to dive in open water up to 12 feet deep. The more advanced course will grant you an even more qualification, including the rescue diver course. The course starts at USD60.

Seawalker Bali. via Instagram/
Seawalker Bali. via Instagram/bee_jee

There are lots of ways to enjoy the underwater life of Bali. Even when you can’t swim, you can easily enjoy the depths of the Bali Sea using several unique devices, designed specifically to let you walk the ocean like Aquaman.

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