Amanjiwo, the Most Luxurious Resort in Borobudur


Borobudur is a magnet for tourists who want to peek into the past, those who want to imagine how life in the 9th century Java was like. This grand temple receives lots of visits annually, and that calls for proper accommodation. One of the most luxurious places you can stay near Borobudur is the Amanjiwo Resort.

The serene resort. via Instagram/amanjiwo

Amanjiwo is basically the place to stay for VVIP guests and celebrities who want to visit Borobudur. Even David and Victoria Beckham chose this place. Let’s peek a little to the luxurious world of Amanjiwo Resort.


The resort. via Instagram/amanjiwo

Officially, Amanjiwo Resort is located at Majaksingi Village, Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This resort is located near a hill, overlooking a large area, including the temple itself. If you travel by car, this resort is 75 minutes away from Yogyakarta Airport and two hours away from Solo Airport.

The resort also provides airport shuttle service, using a helicopter if necessary. Borobudur Temple is a 25-minute walk away and the resort provides a guided tour, including the early tour to enjoy the magical sunrise here.


Wellness service in Amanjiwo. via Instagram/amanjiwo

Just like many other luxurious resorts, you can enjoy a great wellness service here. You can expect a full spa, with a touch of Javanese tradition. You can try ‘mandi lulur’, the Javanese healing and beauty ritual dating back to ancient times. You can also enjoy a Javanese massage which is aimed to deliver relaxation and healing.

Dinner and Events

The restaurant. via Instagram/amanjiwo

The restaurant in this resort uses fresh local produce acquired from nearby farms. The atmosphere in this restaurant is grand yet relaxing. The menu is updated daily, depending on the freshest ingredient that day. While enjoying your dinner, you can also enjoy the live gamelan music and Java dances performed in the restaurant.

The Suites

Dalem Jiwo Suite. via Instagram/amanjiwo

The bottom line of the resort is always its rooms. In Amanjiwo, you can find six types of suites, all have Wi-Fi, outdoor bathtubs, and top-notch audio system by Bose. The cheapest option is the Garden Suite (USD730 per night) with a view to the farmland and Menoreh Hill. The most luxurious one is the Dalem Jiwo Suite (USD3,230 per night) which has two bedrooms, central living rotunda, private swimming pool, and a Borobudur view.

The Borobudur tour. via Instagram/amanjiwo

Amanjiwo is part of the Aman Group that boast more than 30 luxury hotels and resorts in 21 countries. Amanjiwo is the grand resort that matches the greatness of Borobudur Temple.

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