Alif Stone Park, Otherworldly View on Natuna


Riau Islands, including Natuna Regency, has lots of beautiful beaches. With so many small tropical islands, you can expect lots of wonderful beaches too. One of the most unique beach in this region is the Alif Stone Park in Natuna.

The park. via Instagram/arbainrambey

This is a somewhat otherworldly site where you can enjoy an unusual view for a beach. This is truly a megalithic park located on the sea, making it even more remarkable. Here is what you need to know about the Alif Stone Park Natuna.

Location and how to get there

There are lots of boulders. via Instagram/nellysyukri

The beach is at Sepempang, East Bunguran District, Natuna Regency. Admittedly, there is no easy way to get there. You need to start from Tanjung Pinang, hop on a ferry for half a day trip to Ranai. From Ranai, Sepempang is just ten kilometers away and can be reached in 15 minutes or so. Ranai Airports serves flights from Tanjung Pinang and Batam but it can be rather expensive.

The Name

Alif Stone. via Instagram/nellysyukri

The park got its name from the first Arabic alphabet; Alif. It is chosen because there is one stone that stands tall like an alif. It’s the only one with that shape in the whole park, so it quite stands out. Most of the granite stones here are cone-y in shape so any other shape would look out of place.

Unique Exploration

The rocks. via Instagram/nellysyukri

This park is quite large, with some big boulders here and there. To enable visitors to explore the most beautiful parts of the park, they have built some trek, bridges, and stairs, connecting one rock to another. You can venture quite far from the beach by taking this trek.

The swing. via Instagram/nellysyukri

You can also find a bench in one of the rocks. The bench was built there because that particular rock has the most beautiful view. There is also a swing in the sea, this is for photographic purposes only. Unfortunately, the swing is pretty much unusable during the high tide.


The beach near the park. via Instagram/ubie_el_maliki

Alif Stone Park is a magnificent place, but you must know that the neighboring beaches are also wonderful. You can even find colorful flower garden there. If you come during hit midday, you might want to res first under the palm trees at one of the nearby beaches. Also, Alif Stone Park is at its most beautiful during the sunset.

The park. via Instagram/arbainrambey

Despite its secluded location, Natuna is still a great place to visit. Alif Stone Park is a great place because it is located near Ranai, the biggest city on the island. Try to find the first Arabic alphabet rock in this park.

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