From a Morning Stroll to Hunting for Artworks in Ubud


Bali is so rich in basically everything there is as a tourist destination island. Not just for its wonderful natural landscapes, but also for its immersive culture. In term of cultural wealth, there is no area that is richer than Ubud. Many say that this area is the cultural hub of Bali.

The colorful skulls. via Anggi Paramita/Travelingyuk

Even though Ubud doesn’t have a wonderful beach, it has everything else that makes it a must-visit destination. Furthermore, the attractions in this area are so diverse that you will not be bored. Here are some of them that you can visit in one day.

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The ridge. via Anggi Paramita/Travelingyuk

You can start your day by strolling on a scenic walk. This casual hiking trail has a wonderful mellow view of the lush green hills. Basically, you will be walking on a hilltop with beautiful scenery. Many people start walking really early so that they can catch the sun rises when they walk on the ridge. It is free and even though it is quite popular, it won’t be crowded, especially if you start early.

Tirta Empul

Purify yourself in this temple. via Anggi Paramita/Travelingyuk

Light exercise in the morning is a perfect start for what you are about to do next. Drive for about ten kilometers to the north and you will find the Tirta Empul Temple. According to the myth, this temple was built in the spot where Lord Indra defeated an evil king. Tirta Empul is a water temple, meaning Holy Water Spring. It is a famous cleansing and purifying temple in Bali. You can also purify your soul here by showering here.

 Tegalalang Rice Terraces

The scenic rice terraces. via Instagram/queaprovechemundo

Moving back south for about three kilometers or so, you will find the world-famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces. Apart from its iconic rice fields, you can also enjoy lots of other attractions. There are some spectacular swings that will give you an unforgettable flight into the sky. Needless to say, almost everything here is really Instagramable.

Ubud Art Markets

Cute Items. via Anggi Paramita/Travelingyuk

Your itinerary in Ubud wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of its art markets. There are a lot of markets where you can find artworks made in this area. Paintings, sculptures, clothes, and many other art pieces are available here. Whatever your artistic preference might be, chances are that you can find an artwork you can love here.

Cleansing and purifying at Tirta Empul. via Anggi Paramita/Travelingyuk

Ubud is one of the most prominent tourist destination areas in Bali. Here, instead of finding beautiful beaches, you will be enjoying the lush green panorama. This area is also known as the artistic hub of Bali, so finding interesting artworks is easy here.

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