The Ultimate Cozy and Luxurious Stay at Villa the Cloud Bali


Have you ever imagined sleeping on clouds in the midst of a green and fertile landscape of Bali? Well, that imagination can now become a reality if you come to villa The Cloud in Tabanan, Bali.

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This villa is one of the projects made by Sensation Bali, a Villa developer with super unique concepts. There is nothing ‘normal’ in this villa, even the shape is not like the common building. Here are some of the uniqueness that you can find only at Villa the Cloud Bali.

Cloud on the Ground

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The general form of this villa is that it looks like a white cloud, with five bulbous clouds emerge from the ground. Even the shape of the outdoor pool is cloud-like, especially when you see it from above. And just like the cloud, living in this villa is as comfortable and quiet as it gets since the location is very much secluded, away from the crowd.

Living Space

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The common area of the Villa is named the Living Space. It is a room with a five-meter roof and is spacious enough for six guests here to relax comfortably. There is a white floating lamp in the middle of the room that gives the impression of being both comfortable and bright. These lights can also be found in all other rooms, giving a unique unity of concepts.

Master bedroom

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To reach the master bedroom, you have to walk through a graceful staircase. The master bedroom has a large area with a comfortable soft bed and a bathtub next to the window. Of course, you can also find a private bathroom and walk-in closet. From the window of this master room, you can see the beautiful Indian Ocean from a distance.

Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom The Cloud Bali. via

The second bedroom is on the first floor and faces the back garden. You can see the green view of the surrounding area from the unusually wide window. The combination of the beauty of the interior and the surrounding nature makes staying in this second bedroom feels unforgettable. There is also a bathroom with a shower and a stone bathtub in the garden.

Third Bedroom

Third Bedroom The Cloud Bali. via

The third bedroom has the same design as the second bedroom. The difference is at the orientation and placement of the closet. As in the other two rooms, this third room is also equipped with furniture made from old teak wood, onyx, and other premium-quality rocks. All interiors are created with a comfortable cloud concept.

Villa the Cloud Bali. via Instagram/designbyalabina

Villa the Cloud by Sensation Bali is a great place as a base if you are looking for a wonderful quiet place near Bali’s best tourist destinations. The rate for a night here starts from USD1000 for the whole villa (depending on the time of the year). The front office is available 24/7 and you can even order breakfast here.

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