The Unique Lombok Hotels You Can’t Find Anywhere Else


When you are traveling to a tourist destination, you usually pick an accommodation that is the closest to the destination or the cheapest one. In other words, the destination always comes first and the accommodation is the complementary part. However, you might change that mindset after reading these unique hotels in Lombok.

Villa Sapi. via Instagram/
Villa Sapi. via Instagram/

In a popular destination like Lombok, a hotel can no longer be a simple place to sleep. Today, hotels compete to give their guests a unique stay experience. There are many ways to achieve that, from picking a unique location, curious architecture, to excellent services. Lombok has many such hotels, here are five of them.

Mentigi Bay Dome Villas

Mentigi Bay Dome Villas. via Instagram/
Mentigi Bay Dome Villas. via Instagram/bobocantikdotcom

This resort is located on a top of a hill, overlooking great panorama all around. For one, it directly faces the sea! The dome-shaped buildings sort of remind you to hobbits’ houses in Lord of the Rings. The colors and atmosphere might make you think you are in a Mediterranean coast. Located in North Lombok, Mentigi Bay Dome Villas offer a luxurious stay in a top location.

Pirate Boat Al Isra

Al Isra Pirate Boat Hotel. via Instagram/
Al Isra Pirate Boat Hotel. via Instagram/barefootyachtsindonesia

Yes! This is actually a schooner specially made to look like a pirate boat. Made locally in Sulawesi, this traditional schooner actually has modern amenities. She has three double cabins and two additional single beds. She is often chartered for a liveaboard from Lombok to Komodo National Park. This boat is perfect for a snorkeling and scuba diving tour. She boasts modern safety equipment with top-notch GPS navigation system and traditional sea maps.

Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp

Jeeva beloam Beach Resort. via Instagram/
Jeeva beloam Beach Resort. via Instagram/jeevaresorts

This resort boasts four S’s: Surf, Sun, Stars, and Serenity. This is the place to go when you need total tranquility, enjoying nature at its best without any nuisance at all. Located on a 55-hectare forest preserve in East Lombok, Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp is free from the crowd or even light pollution. Directly facing the Timor Sea, this resort will provide you with a serene natural setting, truly private beach, and waters that is good for surfing.

Tugu Hotel Lombok

Tugu Hotel Lombok. via Instagram/
Tugu Hotel Lombok. via Instagram/ardinipironita26

Tugu Hotel network is known for its unique boutique hotels chain. They are not necessarily the biggest, but they can be the most artistic and soulful hotel. There is an artistic aura that set Tugu Hotels apart from others. Tugu Hotel Lombok is located on the north coast of the island. Every detail, nook, and cranny is created into perfection you might think you are staying in an art museum. Each room is designed individually so there is no similar room in this hotel.

Villa Sapi

Villa Sapi. via Instagram/
Villa Sapi. via Instagram/mylombokvillas

Despite the name might suggest that this is a villa of cows, it is actually not. In fact, Villa Sapi is a villa with futuristic architecture. It only has five bedrooms, but the design is a masterpiece. A secluded, almost deserted, Sira beach is a few steps away from the bedroom door. There are four swimming pool, a tennis court, and dedicated gourmet cuisine. Despite its seclusion and serenity, this villa is actually very much accessible by road and boat.

Tugu Hotel Lombok. via Instagram/
Tugu Hotel Lombok. via Instagram/hoteltugulombok

Maybe, when you visit Lombok, you’ll start to rethink about your recommendation. Those unique hotels and resorts are definitely worth a try, especially if you love staycation. The downside is that their unique and top-notch service make them a bit pricier than standard hotels.

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