The Ultimate Glamping Experience at the Amazing Trizara Resort


You can have many different types of accommodation when you are traveling to Bandung. This city and its surrounding area are known to be a creative hub of many things, including in the tourism sector. Apart from the wonderful beaches, you can find almost anything in this area. One of the trendy accommodation is the glamour camping or Glamping.

There are many resorts that offer glamping spot, complete with lovely tents and comfortable amenities comparable to luxurious hotels. One of the most luxurious glamping resort in Bandung, and indeed Indonesia, is the amazing Trizara Resort. Located in Lembang, Trizara will give you the ultimate glamping experience.

Three Hectares of Luxury Camping

Trizara Resort. via Instagram/trizararesorts

Located on the slope of a hill in Lembang, Trizara Resort is a unique way to enjoy the great outdoors, just like their motto: ‘Be one with nature’. As with any other glamping resort, you can expect a great camping experience without any hassle that it traditionally brings. You don’t need to prepare a tent, food, or anything at all.

As such, this is an ideal family destination, especially for those who are looking for a short getaway. With the lovely panorama of Lembang, Trizara offers a luxurious escape that might not be found anywhere else.

World-class Amenities

Trizara Resort. via Instagram/trizararesorts

Spending a night in Trizara is similar to enjoy a night in a luxurious hotel suite. You enter a tent, literally glamorous tent, and you will find a real soft mattress, pillows, soft linens, and warm blankets. In this tent, you can also expect great bathroom with clean towels for the shower and complete bath soaps. It’s simply a hotel suite in the middle of nature.

Ample Activities to Do

Trizara Resort. via Instagram/khatycai

Trizara is more than just a glamping resort, it also offers many activities, for individual or for groups. If you go alone, you can try off the road, hiking, flying fox, high rope, bungee trampoline, and archery.

For groups, you can try paintball, amazing race, treasure hunt, ping pong, futsal, badminton, or ATV biking. You can even ask the management to set up a tailor-made activity that is suitable for you or your group.

Great for Wedding and Honeymoon

Trizara Resorts. via

The natural setting of Trizara is a lovely and romantic place, an ideal place for a wedding place or honeymoon. In fact, Trizara offers wedding packages that combine great amenities with natural beauty in its purest form.

Every photo taken during the ceremony will have a wonderful natural background. You can book the entire resort for a wedding ceremony, giving you a more memorable wedding than if you would do it in a standard ballroom.

Great Meeting Place

Trizara Resort. via Instagram/sisadoe

Trizara is also a great place for a formal meeting. This resort has three meeting rooms, great for seminars, meetings, lectures, or private events. Trizara can hold up to 200 people, including the accommodation. The resort can even make a special itinerary to better suit your event’s need.

Trizara Resort. via Instagram/trizararesorts

In total, Trizara has 47 tent rooms, all can be configured according to the needs. Tents are varied in size, from a room that accommodates two people to four and more.

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