Best Resorts in Singkawang, West Kalimantan


Singkawang is a regency in West Kalimantan. This regency has a long coastal area, directly facing the South China Sea. There are many interesting spots that you can visit in Singkawang. For accommodation, you can also choose several resorts in Singkawang, all offering unique accommodation.

Nice view at Kahyangan resort. via Instagram/wismaarchitech

Singkawang is an interesting city because nearly 70 percent of the population here are Chinese descents. As a result, the culture here is a bit different from other places in Kalimantan. For instance, you can see that the Chinese holidays are celebrated massively here. To enjoy all that, you can stay in several interesting resorts in Singkawang. Here are some of them.

Villa Bukit Mas

The panoramic villa. via Instagram/villabukitmassingkawang

Literally translated to ‘Golden Hill Villa’, this resort pays homage to the history of Singkawang. In the past, people come to this city to mine gold in the surrounding area. This resort has 20 guestrooms.

Furthermore, each guestroom features a flat-screen television, air conditioner, private bathroom with hot water, and tea or coffee making kettle. Rates at this resort start at IDR550K per night. Lastly, the address is at Jl. A. Yani, Gang Batu Mas, Pasiran, West Singkawang, Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

Dangau Resort Singkawang

The pool at Dangau Resort. via Instagram/dangauresort.singkawang

This resort is quite remarkable. You can enjoy 24-hours front desk service, restaurant, and swimming pool. In addition, you can enjoy a free breakfast every morning at this resort. Each guestroom here is equipped with flat-screen TV, air conditioner, private bathroom, minibar, and coffee or tea maker. Finally, Dangau Resort Singkawang is at Jalan Ahmad Yani No.108, Pasiran, West Singkawang, Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

Kahyangan Resort

The beach area at Kahyangan Resort. via Instagram/ynitta99

This is a laidback beachfront resort located near Samudra Beach. Each guestroom in this resort also has a TV with satellite channel, air conditioner, private bathroom, hairdryer, and desk. Additionally, you can enjoy a swimming pool, restaurants, room service, and 24-hour front desk. Furthermore, continental breakfast is available every morning here. Rates at this resort start at IDR675K per night. Lastly, the address is at Jalan Pantai Samudera Indah KM.124, Karimunting, Sungai Raya Kepulauan.

Dayang Resort

The villas at Dayang Resort. via

This is a comprehensive resort where you can enjoy everything in one place. Apart from providing great accommodation, Dayang Resort is also a good tourist destination in its own right. You can refresh your day in the wave pool. You can also try your angling skills at the fishing pond. Additionally, the restaurant and café at this resort provide delicious dishes and great drinks.

Ultimately, the accommodation is really comfortable. Rates at this resort start at IDR750K per night. Finally, you can find this resort at Jalan Raya Pasir Panjang KM. 15, Sedau, South Singkawang, Singkawang, West Kalimantan.

The ebautiful Villa Bukit Mas. via Instagram/villabukitmassingkawang

There are several resorts in Singkawang that you can choose during your visit to this city. Some offer a nice hill view, some other provides a beachfront stay. All will give a great staying experience in Singkawang.

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